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The study run by EduSpace involved 23,584 college students in the U.S. and focused on the most popular apa format research paper writing services students use. The study explored reasons for students using writing services. The findings of the study reveal that the main reasons include: heavy workload, too much academic pressure and low grades. Many students experienced a lot of pressure after shifting to distance learning and the shortage of direct, face-to-face guidance from their educators. Hence, using professional research paper writing services is often the only option for them to choose. 

We present you the review of six apa format research paper writing service companies that are ranked from top to the bottom based on their popularity and positive assessment of their services made by users. 

1. – The Most Popular Service

EssayOk has the ten-year experience of operations in the field of apa format writing services and is extremely popular and reliable companies available in the market at the moment. Customers recognize the high-quality services and in-time delivery of papers at affordable price. 

EssayOk has a lot of positive feedback from satisfied customers. Despite some dissatisfied customers, the customer support service of the company addresses all issues of all customers and attempts to resolve them successfully. 

The major reasons for choosing EssayOk are: 

  • In-time delivery
  • High quality and plagiarism free papers
  • Professional writers 
  • Great customer support service (all customer reviews are subject to consideration by the customer support service)

The company offers options of returning money back and free revisions. The company can refund, if EssayOk fails to find a writer to complete the paper, if the deadline has passed, or if plagiarism report reveals plagiarized parts of the paper. Customer can order apa format research papers fast and easy: customers fill in the online form, provide information on the type of the paper, format, deadline, and other relevant details. Customers can use the price calculator to get the price of the apa formatted paper the customer would like to order. The price calculator is available on the home page of the company. 

The price for a high school apa research paper with a two-week deadline starts at $12 per page. A page of a Ph.D. dissertation with the same deadline will cost you $24.

2. – The Cheapest Service

Essay4you is the excellent apa format research paper writing service that has some noteworthy features. For example, this company does not have a team of writers. Instead, the company outsources writing jobs and employs freelancers. This is why Essay4you offers lower prices compared to many of its renowned rivals. Even though some of the writers employed by the company are not native speakers, customers can request an ENL writer to complete their paper. Anyway, the company provides papers of a decent quality and customer support services.

The major reasons for choosing Essay4you are:

  • Moderate prices
  • High quality of writing
  • Quick customer support

The money-back policy is quite complicated but still unsatisfied customers report they have got the full refund of their orders. To order a paper from Essay4you, customers have to provide assignment details, select additional services, if needed, and pay for the order. 

A high-school research paper with a two-week deadline will only cost you $7.50 per page, and a Ph.D. dissertation with the same deadline will cost you $35 per page.

3. – Best Choice of Writers is another writing service company which is quite different from its rivals because the company allows customers to choose the writer they would like to order their papers from. offers a wide choice between professional writers that work at the company. Many customers prefer this company, when they have a difficult assignment and need a highly qualified writer, whom they can choose on their own, rather than order the paper from a randomly selected writer. Hence, this service is good for term papers and dissertations, which customers can get at affordable price.

The main reasons for choosing are:

  • This company completes orders with tight deadlines
  • An option to choose a writer
  • Direct communication with your writer
  • High quality

One of the advantages of is that customers can pay for their order, when they receive their paper. However, customers have to confirm that they have money on their account. To purchase a paper, customers have to sign up and fill in an online form, and provide detailed information on their assignment. After that, customers receive applications from writers. They may communicate with writers, who applied for the order, and choose the writer they like the most. 

The prices of are very moderate. A high-school essay or a research paper delivered in two weeks will cost you $10.80 per page, and the price for a doctoral dissertation starts at $15.60 per page.

4. PaperHelp – Best in Quality

PaperHelp is the apa format research paper writing service that provides customers with academic papers. This is a relatively new company that does not have many customers so far, but can offer good quality writing services. The official website of the company is easy to navigate even for inexperienced users. The company has a qualified customer support team and supplies good quality papers in time. The company also has extra services, such as progress delivery, which are available to customers for free. 

The main reasons for choosing PaperHelp are:

  • Plagiarism free content
  • Customer support team
  • Decent quality of writing
  • A loyalty program

PaperHelp has a money-back policy, although not all of the orders are fully refundable. 100% refund is available for papers received after the deadline, while 30% refund is available for papers that contain grammar and spelling mistakes. A substantial disadvantage of this writing service is the lack of the price calculator so that customer do not know how much their paper will cost before they order it. 

This service has moderate prices, but the pricing policy is unclear since it is impossible to know the price of the paper beforehand. Nevertheless, the price for custom writing starts at $17.55 per page.

5. – Best Value for Money is a high-quality writing service that has good reputation among customers. The company offers such services as academic writing, editing, and problem-solving. The company employs qualified writers and customers can see their sample papers before they make the order. 

The company provides the information that users, who are inexperienced in using research paper services, may find to be very helpful. has awesome support team which gives prompt responses and support to address any problems that customers may have. 

The reasons for choosing are:

  • Excellent customer support
  • Moderate prices
  • Good quality of writing
  • A referral program

The distinct feature of is the delivery of high-quality papers, regardless the timeline that means that customers may count on a professionally written paper in the shortest possible time. Hence, the name of the company reflects the speed of the delivery of writing services. Customers may choose pro or top writers, but whatever writer they choose, they receive high-quality papers. offers three free revisions, but the company is quite tolerant and loyal to is customers and may provide even more revisions for free.

A high-school essay with a 20-day deadline will only cost you $9 per page. If you need it in two weeks, you can buy it for $11 per page, and a Ph.D. dissertation with the same deadline will cost you from $23 per page.

6. – The Fastest Writing Service is another writing service company, where customers can order almost any time of written assignments besides essays. Customers can order assignments  in math, lab reports, and order other types of written assignments. The company delivers high quality papers on time. Despite some negative reviews, the overall customer perception of is highly positive. 

The major competitive advantage of is the availability of writers and services, regardless of the deadline. Even when your deadline is coming up, you have always a chance to order a paper from and receive it on time, even if you have just three hours left. 

The main reasons for choosing are:

  • Rush delivery (1-hour turnaround available)
  • High quality of writing
  • A reliable customer support team

The company has money-back policy and customers can receive the full refund within 14 days on the condition that they have evidence to support their claims about the low quality of papers received from, such as plagiarism reports that detect cases of plagiarism.

A high school essay with a 14-day deadline will cost you $15.09 per page. The price for a Ph.D. dissertation starts at $27.08 per page.

FAQs About Apa Format Research Paper Services

In spite of criticism of writing companies, they still provide reliable and high-quality services, which allow students to save their time and receive high-quality papers, if they run out of time. However, there are still some companies that fail to comply with high standards of writing and do not always keep their promises, as they employ ESL writers, instead of professional, native speakers. Here are some questions that emerge, when students consider whether to use writing services or not.

Will I Get Caught If I Buy an Essay or a Research Paper Online?

The transaction proper is extremely difficult to prove, as it is the deal between you and the company you ordering the paper from. The third parties do not have access to that information, while companies protect your confidentiality and privacy. As a rule, writing service companies offer customers original, plagiarism free papers. In such a situation, the risk of being caught is extremely low, if possible at all. Nevertheless, one can never be certain in the writing service company, if there are no reviews and detailed information about its operations and quality of services from users and customers, who have some experience of using its services. Hence, you’d better get some information and reviews of the company before ordering your paper from that company.

Are Research Paper Services Worth It?

As a rule, research paper services ordered from companies are of the high quality, but customers should be reasonable while choosing the company. Obviously, you cannot expect the top-quality research paper from the low-cost company that offers cheapest papers in the market. On the other hand, high rates are also not the most reliable indicator to the high quality since you can purchase the high quality paper for a moderate price as well. Hence, before your make an order, you should research hard to get as much information about the company you consider as you can. 

What Is the Best Research Paper Writing Service in the USA?

The variety of writing services make the choice of the best ones quite challenging, but today experts distinguish three industry leaders, including and These companies are the best and they are the most reliable in the US so far. Nevertheless, you may also consider other companies as well, but choose carefully. 

Are Paper Writing Services Legal?

In spite of criticism of writing services and claims that they are illegal, there are no legal norm that paper writing service abuse. Therefore, they are completely legal because they provide educational services and help students to enhance their writing skills. 

Can Turnitin Detect Essays and Research Papers Bought Online?

Turnitin allows detecting cases of plagiarism, but it cannot detect research papers bought online because they are plagiarism free. Turnitin can detect plagiarism only. Research papers purchased online has no plagiarism. Therefore, there is no risk of getting caught with the help of Turnitin. 

Can I Pay Someone to Write an Apa Research Paper? Is It Legal?

You are free to pay professional writers to write a research paper for you. You need to choose the company you like and order the paper that is absolutely legal. However, your interactions with the company and the writer are not regulated by any specific laws. So, you should choose reliable companies to be on the safe side.

How to Find Genuine Research Paper Writing Service Reviews?

Finding genuine research paper writing service reviews may not always be easy. The rule of thumb is to use different resources that provide reviews of the paper writing service. You should not rely on one resource only because those reviews may be biased, while different resources give you a broader picture of the target writing service. 

Are Apa Format Research Paper Writing Services Safe?

Using research paper writing services is quite safe since many companies have the full refund policy or you may count on partial refund, at least. Nevertheless, there are still some risks since, like any other online services, writing services are also vulnerable to cases of deception of customers.


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