Online Fax Number Formats: International & Local Examples

Online Fax Number Formats
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Sending faxes is still a popular way to transfer information in many parts of the world. In certain industries, it is actually a required way to send information. And although the particular standards for how to send faxes might differ according to different national and/or organization-specific requirements, there are standard ways of going about the process.

In this article, we will describe the formatting of online faxing and how it works in different places. As you will see, there are much-preferable fax solutions online that can replace traditional faxing and make your life significantly easier.

Who needs online faxing?

Online faxing can be an extremely useful alternative to both the use of traditional fax machines, as well as other forms of sending documents. Traditional fax machines tend to be bulky and take up an unnecessary amount of space. Especially if you have a small office, the space that you save by not having a fax machine can be better used for other purposes.

Beyond this, when you use a traditional fax machine, you have to pay for ink, paper, and places to physically store your faxes. This all adds up quickly, both in terms of money and physical space used. When you use online faxing, all of these things are eliminated (unless there are documents that require hard copies and need to be stored, although these will be comparatively few).

There are quite a few options out there for online fax services. In general, all you need to do is find the right software program for your staff size and the expected volume of faxes that you will be sending. Depending on your needs, you might want to send only a few faxes within any given time period, or you could subscribe to an unlimited service that will let you send as many as you like for a flat fee. Check out for some good options on online faxing.

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How do you get an online fax number?

How can you set up a fax number? It isn’t that difficult once you familiarize yourself with the right software. All you need to do is choose the right service, and you will be able to send faxes and receive faxes just as you would from a traditional fax machine. The number that you receive can either be a local number (in which case people in your area won’t have to send a fax long distance), or a toll-free number. It is also possible to use an existing fax number if what you want to do is switch from one that you use with a regular fax machine. All you will need is the ability to get on the Internet.

Faxing online follows a similar process to faxing from a traditional fax machine, except that you don’t have to worry about the machine itself. When you use digital fax, your fax documents will be sent as either PDF or TIFF files.

Another benefit of using online fax services is that you can customize your settings to whatever preferences you and your company wish. If you have standardized fax cover sheets that you use, for example, software programs will allow you to create these for the faxes that you send.

What structure do digital fax numbers follow?

The structure of the number that you send to depends on where your fax is going, just as it would with making a phone call. The way to do this is by following International Phone Access notation: + (country code) (area code) (fax number). International fax number formats are the same as international phone number formats.

Dialing prefix for fax is similar. If you are calling in the US, you would likely put the fax number area code in parenthesis (+1 (212) 555-1212). Whatever the local national standards are for calling in the place where you are sending your fax, you should follow them. In other words, whatever characters might be used by standard in the place where you are faxing to, you should include these characters in your fax.

The use of + for international calling won’t be needed if you are sending a domestic fax. As your online fax number and online fax number format will remain the same, regardless of where you physically are in the world, so if you are sending a “domestic” fax within the US, that process will remain the same even if you are physically located in another country.

Another thing to remember is that all fax formats will be the same in any given region. Many numbers will include a 0 after the country code and before the area code. This can sometimes be confusing as locals in the place in question might not include the 0 when calling or faxing. However, if you are faxing from a US-based number and sending a fax to a UK-based number, you should include the 0 as it is part of the international number.

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How long are fax numbers?

What does a fax number look like in terms of length? Most are fax numbers 10 digits, but this depends. The length of any given fax number depends on the standards for telephone numbers in any given country. In the US and Canada, for fax numbers example, they are all ten digits long, and follow the same format (both the US and Canada use the country code +1). If you are faxing between different area codes, you should always include the +1 in your fax.

However, there are some countries in which numbers are much longer. Be sure that you don’t leave any digits off when faxing internationally. If you’re not sure, double-check the standards in the country that you are sending to. In a few cases, numbers are actually shorter than 10 digits.

Are there any other special characters that are used?

Sometimes, fax numbers take the form of “words” that use letters to symbolize numbers. This is a practice that is sometimes used by businesses for their phone numbers as an advertising gimmick. Businesses will choose a number the corresponding letters of which on a standard keypad spell out a particular word. This word is usually something that will remind potential consumers about the nature of the company.

For example, if a company has a phone and/or fax number that reads “1 (800) FLOWERS,” that means that the number in question would actually be 1 (800) 356=9377. When letters are used to indicate numbers for a phone or fax number, these letters are known as vanity numbers.

What is the process of getting a fax number like?

Once you’ve chosen your software, you will have to choose a number. As mentioned above, if your business offers special products or services that you would like customers to remember, you can choose a proprietary fax number. You will have to pay extra for this, but it may well be worth the returns that you get in additional customers.

The following is the process that you will need to go through when getting a number:

  1. Choose a software program and create login information.
  2. Designate the country and local municipality for the area you would like to be associated with.
  3. You will be asked to fill out personal identification information so that the number will be associated with you. This includes your name, social security number and/or business EIN, email address, etc.
  4. Link to the email that will be associated with the fax number.

Online faxing is here to stay

Once you realize the many benefits of online faxing, you will see that it is a necessary service for your company. For one thing, you will be able to do away with big, clumsy fax machines and not have to worry about them taking up space or breaking down on you. You will no longer have to worry about buying paper, ink, or storing most of your documents in clunky storage cabinets.

As far as the process of sending online faxes is concerned, it is actually quite straightforward. The numbering system works the same way that the international phone calling system does. And with online faxing, you receive detailed reports and automatic digital archiving for the faxes that you send. So check out an online fax service today and see how you can get started. You will soon find that it saves you and your company a lot of valuable time, and will make for a cleaner, more efficient office.


If a city or country changes code, will my fax still go through?

If there is any change in a number that you send to, you will receive an error message. You will then need to go back and determine the changes that have been made.

Can I send more than one fax at once?

The number of faxes that you send depends on the particular software package that you buy. Some allow for only individual faxes to be sent, and others provide unlimited numbers.

Can I modify my cover sheets for different countries?

You can make any number of changes in your settings as long as you specify them in advance of sending.

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