Occupational Choices for People with Dyslexia

Occupational Choices for People with Dyslexia

Approximately two million Australians are currently living with Dyslexia. That’s a considerable portion of the population. When it comes to the job market, finding a suitable position can be challenging for any job seeker. For those with Dyslexia, those challenges are increased. People with Dyslexia often struggle with written communication, including reading, writing and fully comprehending written material.

To help avoid being faced with extra challenges, it’s important to go after jobs that are suitable for a person who is living with Dyslexia. Let’s take a look at some good jobs for dyslexics that you can target.

Seek Jobs In the Hospitality Industry

There is a lot of variety in hospitality and these job roles are excellent choices for people with Dyslexia. Written communication is not generally a major requirement, as it’s more often verbal communication that’s needed.

If you work in hospitality, you could find yourself in a busy kitchen washing dishes, prepping food or even training to become a chef. There are also waiting for positions, catering jobs, leading tour groups, positions within the hotel industry and many more options.

If you’re adaptable and enthusiastic in a busy environment, the hospitality industry might be a good fit for you.

Working Creatively

It’s been shown that numerous people who have Dyslexia are actually creative types and creative thinkers. If you consider yourself a creative individual, then target job roles that involve a high degree of creativity.

You could be a product designer, a building or landscape architect, an artist or a graphic designer. Professional video production is another great option or even photography.

If you think about it, there are loads of jobs out there that require creative thinkers and people who can bring a concept from the idea stage into reality.

Jobs In the Healthcare Industry

Many people with dyslexia work in Australia’s vast healthcare industry. Not only is it a sector of the job market that is rapidly growing, but if you are a good communicator, have the skills and enjoy a fast-paced career path, there are also numerous job options available.

You could become a counsellor or a social worker if verbal communication is your thing. There is also the option of becoming a nursing assistant or a qualified nurse.

If a career in healthcare interests you, research the different job possibilities to determine which type of role would suit you best and one that will play on your strengths rather than any weaknesses associated with Dyslexia.

Find Work In the Construction Industry

Physical types of jobs are often suitable for people living with Dyslexia and the construction industry offers some excellent employment opportunities where you can thrive. Most hands-on tasks don’t require much if any, written communication of any kind and there is quite a bit of variety in the building industry.

Even working as a labourer will see you enjoying variety in your day and taking home very good wages for your efforts. However, people with Dyslexia are also highly-successful when it comes to trade work, such as becoming a painter or carpenter.

The construction industry is definitely a viable option for dyslexics.

Sports and Recreation

Many people with Dyslexia are very visual and have great spatial skills. This is ideal for working in sports and recreational activities. You could become the coach of a team or a referee or umpire for football or cricket. Even training to become a phased teacher is a good choice.

Personal trainers are in demand all around Australia, so if fitness is your thing, you could strive to find employment (or self-employment) in this field.

Alternatively, you may become a professional sportsperson or athlete.

Marketing and Sales Roles

Roles in the sales and marketing industry require people who are enthusiastic and good verbal communicators. Visual communication skills also often come into play. These are generally the strengths of a person with Dyslexia.

If you do find you need to communicate in written form at times, there are numerous programs that can help you with any struggles you may have, such as word processors and applications such as Grammarly.

The Wrap

If you have Dyslexia, that doesn’t have to mean you’ll struggle to find a fulfilling job role. There are numerous positions in the job market that are well-suited to someone living with Dyslexia.


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