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Who wouldn’t like to experience the thrills and luxuries that come with NRG Stadium suites? Score the perfect getaway in the arms of comfort and luxury by surrounding yourself with world-class furnishings and 5-star amenities. An NRG Stadium VIP box or suite is designed to offer the best treatment that allows fans to watch their favorite events in the best way possible. You’ll be able to enjoy your own space for unmatched privacy and excellent views with the best foods and beverages. Don’t miss the chance to score this wonderful experience in the company of your friends and treat yourself to a memory that will last a lifetime. 

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Built as Reliant Stadium in 2002, NRG Stadium is a large and popular 72,220-seat multi-purpose stadium. With a construction cost of $352 million, the stadium sits at 1 NRG Parkway in Houston and features 196 executive suites. It is currently the home of three sports teams: the NFL Houston Texans, the NCAA teams, the Texas Bowl, and the Texas Kickoff Game. The venue has also hosted the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo since 2003. If you wish to experience the amenities that come with NRG Stadium suites, be sure to check out the available options to find the best selections for a grand and memorable experience.

Enjoy a superior treatment at your favorite event or game and turn it into something you’ll remember for a lifetime. There are many reasons why fans who have experienced the luxury of box seats come back for more. Whether you wish to meet with your clients or relax and chill with your friends or family, an NRG Stadium VIP box can offer the experience you’re looking for. Once you experience the amenities that these premium seats and boxes offer, you’ll know why they’re always in high demand. After all, it is without a doubt that the experience that you get from renting a VIP club is out of the world. 

If you wish to escape the huge crowds and enjoy your own space and unrivaled luxury, you’ll be delighted with the plethora that comes with renting a box seat or suite. When you rent an NRG Stadium VIP box, you’ll be able to enjoy a myriad of perks and amenities that may include in-seat attendant services, private restrooms, VIP event entrance, VIP parking, and more. In-suite catering by Aramark Foodservices is available at each NRG Stadium luxury suite. Private box holders will get access to VIP parking passes that allow them to park close to the stadium. But you might want to hurry and score a ticket early because these amenity-filled spaces are exclusive and are highly sought after. 

NRG Stadium suites offer five options to choose from. The largest suite option is the Party Suites which are located on the 300 level. The ample seating area accommodates from 45 to 150 guests, and Party Suite ticket holders have exclusive access to the Club Lounge on the same level. The 100 Level Texans Suite is the best option for those fans looking for an intimate setting. However, this NRG Stadium VIP box is only available for NFL games. This F&B-inclusive suite lies near midfield, directly above the 100-level seating area, and includes 14 tickets with 4 parking passes. 

Both the 200 and 400 Level Suites feature 12 to 28 tickets with six parking passes. The 200 Level Suite lies closest to the playing field and features perks like interior lounge seating, fixed suite balcony seating, private restrooms, catering options, and a dedicated attendant. The 400 Level Suite is the middle suite level that features slightly larger suites than the 200 Level Suites. The 800 Level Suite includes 26 tickets with eight parking passes. These sideline suites fit more guests than the other levels. The 800-level suites feature perks like a dedicated attendant, a kitchenette, in-suite catering, wifi, HDTVs, and more. You’ll be impressed with the treatment that you’ll receive from renting an NRG Stadium VIP box. 

Aside from the perks and privileges that suites offer, suite ticket holders have premium access to NRG Stadium VIP Club seats on the opposite ends of the stadium. The climate-controlled Verizon Wireless East and West Club feature interesting amenities like premium F&B, HDTVs, and more. Don’t delay your chance to experience the finer side of the venue. This way, you’ll be able to garner a memorable experience that you can boast about. Find and book the best NRG Stadium suites and enjoy an exhilarating experience that’ll offer an opportunity to enhance your bond with your friends and family over an exciting event. 

NRG Stadium is one of the most popular NFL stadiums of all time. In fact, it is also popularly known as the first football stadium to feature a retractable roof. The venue has hosted two Super Bowls. In addition, the stadium has also hosted popular sporting events, including rodeo, college football, high school football, soccer, college basketball, motorsports, and hockey. It has also served as the venue for various fascinating live entertainments and concerts where world-class performers such as Taylor Swift, Beyonce, The Rolling Stones, Metallica, and more have performed. If you wish to experience the perks of NRG Stadium suites, see if you can find VIP seating options for upcoming events from artists like Grupo Firme, Coldplay, and H.E.R. Make sure you secure these premium options in advance to enjoy a wholesome experience. 

NRG Stadium VIP Box & Suite Prices And Details 

How Much Do NRG Stadium VIP Boxes & Suites Cost?  

Fans looking to book NRG Stadium VIP Boxes & Suites will find them at varying price ranges due to a plethora of factors. However, the average range you can pay for these VIP suites lies between $2999 to $30100. Single tickets may cost between $159 to $799, depending on what event you’re attending. 

How Many Guests Can Fit In A NRG Stadium VIP Box Or Suite?  

Various NRG Stadium VIP Box or Suite offer different seating capacities. The Party suites include 45 to 150 tickets and make the best option for larger groups. The 100 Level Suite offers 14 tickets at the max, the 200 and 400 Level Suites offer up to 28 tickets each, while the 800 Level Suite offers a maximum of 26 tickets.

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