Notable Cushion-Cut Diamond Auctions

Cushion-Cut Diamond Auctions

The constant appeal of cushion-cut diamonds is undeniable. As a result, it isn’t hard to buy online at auctions and find a range of stones. Many consumers will go as low as possible to get a good deal, something that is actually much easier if they shop with Rare Carat instead. There it is really easy to shop lab created diamonds by shape. So just how much can a cushion-cut diamond fetch at auction?

The Eternal Pink Auction At Sotheby’s

In 2023, there was an impressive auction sale of a cushion-cut diamond at Sotherby’s. The Eternal Pink is a Fancy Vivid Purplish Pink Diamond, with a rating of internally flawless and 10.57 carats. It’s a stunning stone in both size and color, so it is no surprise that there was high interest. The estimate going into the sale was $35 million, which equated to $3.3 million per carat. However, after just a few minutes the gavel dropped to $210 million. It is, therefore, the most expensive diamond sold to date.

Other High-End Auctions And Sales Of Cushion-Cut Diamonds.

The Eternal Pink wasn’t entirely unique. In 2015, a Vivid Pink Diamond at 16.08 carat in the same cut sold for $28.5 million. Interestingly, there was another pink diamond that did much better in 2013. The Pink Star is a mixed oval brilliant stone that’s 59.60 carats and sold for $71.2 million in Hong Kong in 2017.

One of the most famous cushion cut diamonds of all time is the Hope Diamond, which is 45.52 carats and has a nice blue color to it. It originated from the Kollur Mine in India and was eventually sold to King Louis XIV of France. This is when it was recut and set into a pendent, before ending up with British banker Henry Philip Hope. After his death, there were several auctions and sales. The most significant came with Cartier exaggerating the origin of the stone to sell it to a collector called Evalyn Walsh McLean. The socialite paid the equivalent of $5 million, which is tame compared with the Eternal Pink. After her death, it was donated to the Smithsonian.

There are always opportunities to buy online and try out auction sites for cushion cut, princess cut, and all other kinds of diamonds. The princess cut is one of the most desirable right now, but it is unclear how long it will hold its value. The cushion cut is more timeless, making it a good investment.

The Future Value Of Lab-Grown Cushion-Cut Diamonds.

One factor that could dictate the future price of cushion cut stones at auctions is the origin. A lot of the best-selling auction lots are mined stones with a lot of age to them. They are incredibly rare and have a strong story to tell. That isn’t the case with lab-grown stones that are more modern and accessible. Some traditionalists aren’t keen on this “synthetic” approach and may not want to pay as much.

On the other side of this, there is the declining appeal of mined stones because of the ethical issues attached. Millennials favour the sustainable lab-created stones that weren’t extracted from a poor community while damaging the environment. They may be more inclined to pay more for desirable examples in decades to come.

Shop At Rare Carat For The Best Investments Right Now.

Whatever the future for lab grown diamonds or any cushion cut diamond, Rare Carat is the best place to get a good deal. The affordable prices and user-friendly customization make it easy to get a wonderful stone for less than buyers might think.

It is really simple to shop lab created diamonds by shape and then tailored the extra feature in line with budgetary restraints. Users then get to choose from a series of carefully selected matches, using the detailed gemologist reports to see all the GIA-certifications and details. Buyers are so impressed with the value and customer service that there is a 4.9/5 customer satisfaction rating on Google and Trustpilot.

The beauty of choosing to shop at Rare Carat is the chance to really make a wise investment. A stunning fancy-colored cushion cut stone could increase in value and make a great profit at auction in the future. It might not go as high as some of those massive stones, but it can still do pretty well.


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