No Deposit Casinos: What To Look For And Avoid


There is no hotter industry in gambling right now than online no deposit casinos. The chance to win real money from one’s own home is giving land-based casinos serious competition. In fact, forecasters expect online gambling to reach nearly $130 billion USD globally by 2027. As exciting as this is, there are always scammers looking to capitalize by creating fake casino sites.

Some of these sites are easy to spot by their poor presentation and game selection. However, others manage to remain active despite being blacklisted by the community. It’s vital that you spot the warning signs of these fraudsters to avoid getting ripped off. Here are some things to look for and avoid when choosing an online casino.

Avoid Playing On These Sites

No SSL Certificate

If you don’t see a padlock on your address bar next to the website address, leave immediately! These days, most browsers make identifying insecure sites easy by placing a warning icon. Although, just because a site is secure doesn’t mean it is legitimate.

Thanks to certificate authorities like Let’s Encrypt, just about any website may obtain SSL for free. All this means is that your data is encrypted during transmission. It doesn’t guarantee the trustworthiness of that business. Therefore, it’s wise to still use caution.

No Support or Contact Methods

The #1 goal of any online casino is to keep its players happy. Problems will arise and questions are sure to follow. Before you sign up for any no deposit casinos look for pages related to “About Us” and “Contact Us”. You shouldn’t have to hunt around for contact information.

Many of these casinos will even have a chatbox for sending a message quickly. If there is any doubt in your mind on the authenticity of the site, ask questions! After all, that’s the purpose of those chat agents.

No License Or Software Logo

The majority of casino websites feature logos of gambling commissions or the game’s developer. Simply search the name in the logo to verify the company exists. As an example, RealTime Gaming, is a popular choice as they’ve created various slots and poker games. You’ll find their logo in the footer of authorized websites.

Of course, there’s the possibility that a fake casino website just put the logo up to fool you. If that’s the case, it is likely that the site hasn’t been online for very long. Keep in mind that these developers and commissions go to great lengths to protect their brand. They have no issue taking swift legal action to shut a website down.

An easy way to determine the age of a casino website is by reviewing its history in the “Way Back Machine”. Any site with pages archived from a year or more should not pose a threat.

Signs Of Trustworthiness

Vast Online Presence

Google the name of the online casino in quotation marks. How many results come up? If there are thousands then that means established credibility. You’ll probably see both positive and negative reviews which are normal. Remember, everyone’s experience varies so there’s no reason for concern unless reviews are overwhelmingly negative.

Another factor of credibility relates to being listed in no deposit casino directories. Such directories usually have an affiliation where they refer visitors to sign up for free spins and bonus codes. That means the casino, in essence, pays incentives to these directories – something scam sites wouldn’t do.

Multiple Ways To Deposit Money

It costs money to set up payment gateways to allow players to deposit funds. Because of this, fake casino sites mostly only accept one or two forms of payment. Compare that to a legitimate casino site that typically offers payment by multiple credit cards, cryptocurrencies, bank transfers, etc.

Now, if you come across a site that only accepts PayPal, proceed with caution. Malicious individuals like to create bogus accounts under fictitious organizations. They quickly withdraw any money deposited before PayPal notices and then repeat the process. However, PayPal used as an additional method of depositing funds generally means the site is safe.

Detailed Account Registration & Verification

It’s extremely important that online casinos comply with laws and regulations where their players reside. An in-depth process is usually involved during account creation. They need to ensure you’re who you say you are and not using another person’s identity.

New players will have to fill out basic details such as name and contact information. Furthermore, they must verify their identity with a photo of a government-issued ID. Finally, casinos also like to see a bank statement or utility bill to corroborate your identity. All of this information is just too much of a hassle for a fake casino.


There are dozens if not hundreds of no deposit casinos that are on the internet. If you discover one that just doesn’t seem right, move on to another. Most will offer a free bonus as an incentive where you can win money for free. Read their terms and conditions carefully so that you fully understand payouts and earnings. Last of all, the experience should be fun win or lose!

Disclaimer: This article contains sponsored marketing content. It is intended for promotional purposes and should not be considered as an endorsement or recommendation by our website. Readers are encouraged to conduct their own research and exercise their own judgment before making any decisions based on the information provided in this article.


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