New Marketing Strategies of Online Casinos: “Gamblers Are Looking For Something Else”

New Marketing Strategies of Online Casinos “Gamblers Are Looking For Something Else”

According to the latest statistics for 2022, 26% of the world’s population has played at least once during the year on one of the many online casinos that exist on the net. This shows how gambling is growing fast and is a market destined to acquire an even greater importance in the coming years. This is confirmed by the report Global Gambling Market 2023-2027‘.

We are talking about important numbers that underline not only a growing public approval for online gaming, but also an increasingly targeted marketing strategy on the part of online gambling companies. Precisely on this last aspect, some reflection is required. In the past, online casinos focused mainly on welcome bonuses to attract new customers. Today, this type of strategy is no more enough. The reason for this is the change in gaming habits. Players have become more sophisticated and are able to find the most convenient offer for their needs via Google. A marketing campaign based only on welcome bonuses is today a loser, precisely because of the great possibility of choice for users.

“Online gambling houses have changed their strategy in recent years. If the focus used to be on attracting a player, it has now become pushing the gambler to continue playing on a certain site. Players trying to win rich prizes is no longer enough. They are looking for something else. They want to become part of the gaming experience themselves. For this reason, online casinos need to take a different approach, offering something else to motivate their customers”, says to our microphones Giada Benazzi, from the editorial team of Gaming Report, a well-known Italian site specialising in online casinos.

The first step was to offer Free Spins in addition to the Cash Bonuses. Thanks to the latter, in fact, the player could try out different types of slots without risking any money of his own, to get hooked on certain titles and, therefore, to become loyal to the platform offering them. These are special offers that are granted to the most frequent customers, through cash bonuses, Free Spins or otherwise. They are often associated with different game levels that are triggered when a certain goal is reached, objectives that are part of a typical gamification strategy. Through loyalty bonuses, online gambling casinos manage not only to build the loyalty of their customers, motivating them to continue playing on a certain platform, but also to try out new products on offer”, concludes the editor-in-chief of GamingReport.

User Experience and User Interface are now the new two ‘holy commandments’ of online casinos.

The first term describes the relationship between the customer and the product or service. In online gaming, therefore, it is the relationship between the player and the online casino. The second term is a subset of the User Experience, in fact, the graphical aspect of the latter. The UI assumes that a good interface allows a product to be more accessible and, as a result, the user is able to carry out its purpose in less time. This aspect boosts the relationship of trust with the brand, attracting the user the first time and retaining him/her for subsequent times.

This is why gaming sites offer products that are more and more graphically and mechanically intuitive, as well as presenting products that are as much aligned with the player’s preferences as possible. In this way, users feel more satisfied and pampered. Online casinos also always present new games that are adapted to players’ interests, increasing the interaction between them and the site and preventing the ‘boredom effect’. This term is used to describe the desire for a change that manifests itself in the modern gamer frequently, which is why there is a tendency to offer new products, but also new platform features.

Today, in fact, users are particularly careful not only about games, but also about security systems, customer service and payment systems. This means that the quality of an online casino is rated by several factors and only by taking care of all of them will it be possible to remain competitive in an increasingly demanding market.

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