Modern Business Trends: Preventing, Not Eliminating Cyber Threats

cyber security

As the business world proceeds to have a digital approach, we get to see different benefits at almost every turn and corner. However, despite all these advantages and scopes, there will always be threats and disadvantages to every situation. Similarly, even for this digital approach, there is a difficult side to it — cyber threats and crimes.

As digital advancement keeps happening every day, there is a recorded rise in cybercrimes and threats. However, does that mean we abandon this approach? Absolutely not. Instead of trying to eliminate these threats, which is a humongous task in itself, businesses are instead focusing on preventing them before authorities can eliminate them.

Therefore, in this article, we will look at a few means, methods, and trends that businesses have adopted to prevent cyber crimes and threats. If you have a business of your own, this article will definitely help you safeguard your business from any such threats, so keep reading to know more!

High demand of cybersecurity personnel

Ever since the beginning of digitalization, there has been an increase in the hiring of cybersecurity personnel. Be it in-house departments or hiring cybersecurity consulting experts who help proactively identify security threats and gaps in companies’ IT environments, businesses are recognizing the need for expertise in this field. In fact, it is one of the top priorities for many companies in the current and coming years.

Along with this, companies are also taking their time to educate their staff and employees to spread awareness about cyber threats and ways to detect them.

High demand for Real-time data visibility

Companies and cybersecurity personnel can only work efficiently when they have a clear understanding of what is going on within the company. Therefore, this calls for the need for real-time data. Real-time data can help give companies a complete view of the company assets, inventory, and information on third-party applications and suppliers as and when they are updated.

Only then can companies take proper cybersecurity measures. With the help of intelligent AI systems and automated processes, the exchange of real-time data can help companies enhance cybersecurity measures.

Shift in security measures due to Remote Working

The pandemic had an enormous effect on the way business activities were carried out. Due to lockdown and isolation, working from home and remote working became more popular, which saw companies relying on digital means more than ever. However, with that, there was also a significant rise in cyber threats.

One of the main reasons for such vulnerability is the sudden shift to digital means. But because these changes are not something that can be reversed, companies need to revise their digital infrastructure, find out the weak spots and work on them and have well-defined remote working procedures to help reduce any threats.

Increased usage of MFAs

When it comes to standard cybersecurity protocols, passwords are perhaps the most basic of all. However, with current technology, a simple password will not be enough. Here is where Multi-Factor Authentication comes into play.

MFAs are security protocols wherein users need to use more than one factor to confirm their identity and access company data. This system forces users to rely on more than one device to confirm their authorization as an added layer of protection from any breaches or attacks.


The cybersecurity scene has changed a lot in current times, mainly due to progressive advancement and the pandemic. However, businesses will need to carry on their activities without a pause. Therefore, it is important to stay updated about the cybersecurity scene and trends to keep the company protected from any malicious cyber threats.

Apart from these means and trends, companies should focus on developing their cybersecurity infrastructure, educating their employees, and investing in the right equipment.


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