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An international technology provider for brokers – Brokeree Solutions, announced the integration of its flagship Liquidity Bridge with MAP FinTech – a global regulatory technology provider and one of the first providers in Europe to have reported under the European Market Infrastructure Regulation (EMIR).

This collaboration aims to integrate MAP FinTech’s regulatory reporting tools with Brokeree’s Liquidity Bridge technology. Clients of both MAP FinTech and Brokeree can look forward to benefit from comprehensive solutions that simplify regulatory reporting while optimizing trading processes. This partnership is designed to offer multi-asset brokers a competitive edge in the rapidly evolving financial markets.

Over the years, MAP FinTech has developed fully automated solutions for various regulatory requirements. The firm’s Polaris platform, with its advanced capabilities for reconciliation, validation, and monitoring, has become an extremely useful tool for regulated entities, being recognized as a leading regulatory platform with a proven track record of success and performance. The technology and support processes involved have been finetuned over the years, making Polaris one of the most mature regulatory reporting platforms in the global market.

Brokeree’s Liquidity Bridge will be effective in managing large volumes of liquidity from several providers across sophisticated trading infrastructures. The technology operates across multiple trading platforms, including MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5, DXtrade CFD, and cTrader. By utilizing Liquidity Bridge, brokers can finetune the order execution model, whether that involves  in-house risk processing, pure STP, hybrid A/B book, DMA, or ECN models.

Panayiotis Omirou, CEO of MAP FinTech, commented: “Our collaboration with Brokeree focuses on harnessing the strengths of both firms to deliver top-tier services and underscores our unwavering commitment to consistently deliver added value to our clients. By seamlessly integrating MAP FinTech’s robust reporting solution with Brokeree’s powerful trading technology, clients can benefit from a streamlined and efficient reporting process with a full range of regulatory reporting solutions that will save them both time and money. We are excited about this partnership and the tangible benefits it will bring to our clients. Our ongoing dedication is focused on setting and maintaining the highest standards for regulatory reporting within the financial services industry.”

«It is a pleasure to work closely with the industry experts at MAP Fintech. Their deep knowledge in the reporting arena has greatly contributed to enhancing the current integration of Polaris platform with Liquidity Bridge by Brokeree Solutions.» — stated Victor Ivanov, the Regional Head of Business Development (EMEA) at Brokeree Solutions. «Now brokers can automatically receive comprehensive reports tailored to meet the demands of regulatory bodies right with their liquidity management solution. This advancement is a direct response to client requests, embodying our commitment to delivering solutions that not only meet but fully accord with the interests and operational excellence our clients seek.» — he continued.

Brokeree Solutions’ Diverse Technological Offerings

Demonstrating commitment to innovation and excellence in the financial technology sector, Brokeree Solutions showcases a robust portfolio of cutting-edge solutions.

Social Trading

At the forefront of Brokeree’s offerings is the Social Trading platform, empowering brokers to effortlessly introduce copy trading services with just a few simple steps. This platform categorizes users into followers and signal providers, providing a robust infrastructure for seamless signal sharing across multiple trading servers.


Brokeree’s PAMM solution grants investors the flexibility to deposit or withdraw funds at their convenience, alluring money managers with customizable performance fees and the absence of trading constraints. This product enables brokers to integrate multiple trading servers into a unified system, facilitating the instantaneous delivery of PAMM services throughout their entire MetaTrader infrastructure, thereby enhancing the efficiency and flexibility of investment management.

Liquidity Bridge

Addressing the diverse needs of brokers, Brokeree’s Liquidity Management solutions ensure optimal access to liquidity and robust risk management. This approach equips brokers with the confidence to navigate the complexities of financial markets successfully.

Risk Management Tools

In tandem with Prop Pulse, Brokeree Solutions provides a suite of risk management tools designed to assist brokers in mitigating potential risks effectively. These tools offer insights into market changes, enabling prompt decision-making to safeguard both traders and brokers. 

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