Luxury Lawn 2022 – An Aesthetically Pleasing Experience


Summer is a season of divine feels, with happenings all around and festivities to enjoy. Here, we all gather to accentuate the fabric of the season in the most gorgeous way. Summer Luxury Lawn has become a must-have for women to pull off a fantastic look wherever they go. Keeping a great hold on the luxury lawn, famous Pakistani brands have started putting in exceptional effort and hard work, in making every piece a true love affair. Admiring some of the best Luxury Lawn Collections and their design ideologies, for you, to decide on the perfect one reflecting your personality this season.

Luxury Lawn 2022 – A Visionary Collection:

Defining the new collection is always a very interesting task in itself. When we go for looking into the Luxury Lawn, we always find a touch of new experimentation with the regular styles, by the designers. Each of the collections launched this season is breathtaking. Our statements that they are a joy to the eyes are true. The common trend changes with luxury lawn this season is the solid color contrast with embroideries on shalwar and trousers, and the addition of heavily embellished dupattas. Every new addition makes it more of an art piece.

Hussain Rehar:

Hussain Rehar is a well-known name in the industry, and now it is making its designs stand out in the race of luxury lawn collections as well. Hussain Rehar’s designs this season are both contemporary and ethnic, portraying the cultural attire with a mix of new colors. The spread of embroideries takes the luxury lawn to the real festive level.

Zysha by Sobia Nazir:

Sobia Nazir has come up with some bright tones this season with enormous detailing on dupattas and sleek style shirts. The embroidery designs are perfectly getting along with the theme of the collection. The dresses are worth your investment in this festive season.

Zara Shahjahan:

Zara Shah Jahan never missed any chance to create the most fairytale prints, you can never take your eyes off. Minimalistic detailing makes every color pop up more and eventually captivates to get the Luxury Lawn article right away.

The Luxurious feels in Luxury Lawn:

A few years back summer lawn collections were only the printed ones and if we looked for some formal lawn wear, what we usually found was a neck embroidered lawn suit. The luxury Lawn collection has changed the idea and is made with such brilliance and intricate detailing to give every person a luxurious feel while wearing it. The use of sequences, zari, cutwork, schiffli, and pretty embellishments makes it no less than formal wear for the season.

Luxury Lawn at LAAM – The Unreal Experience:

You’ve never had an easier time shopping for summer dresses or dresses for Eid before. Now, you can find more than 60,000 products on LAAM, one of Pakistans biggest online shopping portals. LAAM has a massive variety of aesthetically pleasing luxury lawn collections, which are the most suitable choice to carry this festive season.


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