List of Top 3 Altcoins: Ethereum, Binance and Tether  


Ethereum has become some of the most popular digital currencies when it comes to cryptocurrencies, with ethereum taking second place. Some of which are making headlines, but these digital currencies are thousands of other options, also known as “altcoin” alternatives. Although there are a few major cryptocurrencies in the market, many others have become extremely popular. Today we will talk about three of those famous Altcoins, and try to know about them in more depth. To know more about bitcoin trading you can visit


Our List Ethereum has become a popular alternative as a decentralized platform. It is a decentralized application (DApp) as well as a smart contract that is fully capable of running without fraud, third party interference or control. Ethereum’s main goal is to create a decentralized suite of financial products. It is also freely accessible regardless of one’s ethnicity, nationality or belief. This has made it attractive to people in many countries, the value of which is because of the lack of state infrastructure and easy access to insurance, or other financial products with it. 

Binance Coin

Binance coin i.e. BNB is a cryptocurrency that was created by Binance in 2017, it is also called BNB in short. The initial total supply of BNB was kept at 20 crore units. The issue price of BNB was 0.11 USD, i.e. in one bitcoin, you could buy 20000 BNB. BNB is a digital currency like bitcoin, BNB has its value, its traders, buyers and sellers. One of the specialities of BNB is that it is used as a token in the Binance exchange ecosystem. By which users can get discounts on trading fees, the rest of BNB can also be used for travel booking, hotel booking, shopping etc.

And yes, along with this, you can also donate to the Binance Charity Foundation by using bnb. In the coming time, bnb can grow a lot and a lot of space can also be used. So if you want, you can invest in it by going to Binance’s app.

About Stablecoin I.e. USDT and Tether

Before we understand it in a better way, let us first talk about what is meant by a stable coin. So stable coin is that digital acid whose job is to digitally mimic the value of fiat currency i.e. euro and dollar

To provide the same value in digital currency as well as fiat currency has value. So it helps users to transfer currency cheaply and rapidly globally and maintain price stability in it.

So Now Let’s Talk About Tether – So tether is the most famous stable coin, it was designed to maintain net2net value with US dollar, hence also named USDT which stands for US dollar tether. This coin is available on many blockchain platforms and over the years it has earned a lot of name and trust. The biggest advantage of stablecoin is that all that fiat currency to cryptocurrency conversion takes time, money and effort and vice versa is saved in it. There is a saving of both extra cost and extra time. Now the price of cryptocurrencies moves up or down rapidly. But this difference in stablecoin will be very less and may not be there, most of the chances are that the price will remain the same. 

Why Are Cryptocurrencies Important? 

This blockchain-based platform with decentralized platforms allows cryptocurrencies to allow individuals to enter into peer-to-peer contracts or engage in financial transactions. It does not require, in any case, a credible third-party such as a monetary authority, bank, court or judge. It has been seen to have the potential to democratize finance and disrupt the financial system.

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