List of the Best Sites for Upgrading CSGO Skins


Upgrade gives you a chance to exchange your virtual items for others, a little or even much better. It is worth remembering that there are no guarantees here and it is a rather risky venture, since the upgrade works like roulette and you can either win new amazing items you lose your bet. To have a real chance to win, start with choosing a reliable CSGO skin upgrader, which provides guarantees, offers low prices for the service, and uses a transparent Probably Fair algorithm.

Check out these 10 famous CSGO upgrading sites you can trust!

1. Bloodycase

This is a young, but promising and already very popular site that uses a transparent upgrade skin CSGO system and offers a real opportunity to assess your chance of winning. To start the game, you just need to sign in and replenish your balance.

Also, the platform offers a number of interesting promotions, as well as incentive bonuses: for instance, if you lose 5 times in a row, you keep the item you bet!


  • a large collection of weapon designs, including unique author designs;
  • Probably Fair system (mathematically precise algorithm);
  • almost 5000 users;
  • quick withdrawal;
  • the most loyal upgrade prices on the Web;
  • a real opportunity to win an item much more expensive than the one you bet.


  • young site.

2. KeyDrop

Key-Drop is one of today’s proven CS GO skin upgrading sites where players can try their luck opening and upgrading CSGO cases. The platform offers much better odds than many other portals.


  • simple, fast and free registration;
  • excellent web page design and game animation;
  • registration bonus, daily bonuses;
  • exciting holiday promotions.


  • high house edge;
  • no live chat;
  • limited selection of games.

3. DaddySkins

DaddySkins is one of the preferred CS GO upgrader platforms offering high win rates, great new features, responsive support, and a bunch of daily bonuses and promotions. The platform offers a range of games including Case Opening, Upgrade, Arenas, and Jackpot games.


  • supports registration of users from most countries;
  • regularly improved Provably Fair betting system;
  • honest, verified case openings;
  • +10% bonus to any deposit;
  • Crypto withdrawal.


  • no free registration bonus;
  • no direct customer support on the website;
  • no live chat.

4. CSGOLive

CSGOLive is one of the popular and proven CSGO upgrading skin sites that allows users to create their own cases, with a choice of items and a drop rate for each item.


  • supports registration of users from most countries;
  • the ability to create custom cases;
  • registration bonus and daily bonuses.


  • updates are quite rare;
  • few games;
  • community cases may be paid.

5. CaseDrop

CaseDrop, one of the best skin upgrade sites, offers a collection of over 150 cases that you can open at various prices (from $0.70 to $100). The website often offers great promotions (up to -30%).


  • fair chances to win;
  • huge collection of valuable skins;
  • many bonuses, including a daily bonus (free case opening);
  • quick payment;
  • various payment methods;
  • promo codes that you can always on social media;
  • responsive customer support service.


  • no skin donation option.

6. Hellcase

Hellcase is one of the most popular CSGO skin upgrade sites that have been operating since 2016. Here, your chances of winning are much higher than in a CSGO game. Also, the withdrawal process is very fast.


  • supports registration of users from most countries;
  • instant withdrawal;
  • registration bonus, daily bonuses.


  • cluttered web page design;
  • high house edge.

7. DatDrop

DatDrop is, maybe the best CS GO skin upgrade site, which focuses on case opening, but you can easily upgrade your items here.

Here, you can open up to 4 cases at once. The platform offers a wide selection of ready-made and custom cases and even recreated Valve cases. The main advantage of the site is the battle mode.


  • simple registration;
  • transparent fair system: you can check each game for roll fairness;
  • +5% added to any deposit.


  • confusing skin withdrawal;
  • animation of opening cases doesn’t look very interesting;
  • no live chat.

8. CSGORoll

CSGORoll is a pretty old and reliable CS GO skin upgrading platform that was recently re-opened with updated animations and a new selection of games. The platform uses a secure and reliable P2P (player to player) system for deposits and withdrawals.


  • simple registration;
  • excellent game animation;
  • registration bonus and daily bonuses;
  • live chat on the site.


  • only skin withdrawals.

9. HypeDrop

This skin upgrader CSGO has been around since 2019, and it already has a large community of hundreds of thousands of users. The platform offers a large collection of cases and certain guarantees of winning: with HypeDrop, you will always get at least what you pay for (with the opportunity to earn more).


  • simple and clean website design;
  • quick registration;
  • a large collection of cases;
  • continuous user experience improvements based on community feedback;
  • excellent customer service.


  • once your withdrawal doesn’t go through the first time you can’t withdraw again.


This is another reliable and popular case opening and upgrade site. Users can create their own cases and share them with other players.

Another great thing is the ability to check the winner’s profiles on Steam. They have a live dropdown list showing all the winnings!


  • 2.7 million players;
  • the website paid out a total of up to $3.4 million to date.


  • you cannot withdraw the skins, but you can sell them to buy other items.

What is the best CSGO skin upgrade site?

The item upgrade has something in common with the usual exchange of virtual items on trade bot sites, as well as something similar to CS:GO gambling, when gamers try their luck, playing to win rare and expensive pieces and to improve weapons they have.

Now you don’t need to spend hours looking for a good website — check out this review and find the website that suits you best!

Disclaimer: This article contains sponsored marketing content. It is intended for promotional purposes and should not be considered as an endorsement or recommendation by our website. Readers are encouraged to conduct their own research and exercise their own judgment before making any decisions based on the information provided in this article.


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