Lionel Messi’s Fortune

Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi has been called many names by Football pundits and his loyal fans, but the one that fits him the most is Alien. Messi does almost every week what many active and retired players wish they could do once or twice during their careers. When the stakes are high and his team needs someone to bail them out of trouble or win a title, you can bet on each and every one of the sports betting sites that the little Argentine genius will save the situation as he often does for both club and country.

The seven-time Ballon d’Or winner has broken and sets records after records, but one that may not be broken by anyone is the Guinness World Record for top goalscorer for both club and country in a calendar year. The six-time European Golden Shoe winner scored 91 goals in 2012 to set this record. With such accolades come media attraction, scandals, endorsements, and mouth-watering deals. In January 2021, Messi’s contract with Barcelona was leaked to the media, and it showed that he was on astronomical wages, earning about $165 million annually in salary and incentives. Meaning the club legend had earned over 500 million euros since 2017. The news shocked the football world, more so because Barcelona was and still is in huge financial debt.

It was also reported that Messi solely makes 30 percent of the club’s total revenue, so he more than deserves his wages. In the end, the pandemic and mismanagement of the club by its elected officials led to the dramatic departure of the club’s most valuable asset for free. Even after the controversial exit from Camp Nou, Messi’s bank account remained obese and strong like a sumo wrestler, thanks to a two-season deal he signed with Paris Saint-Germain Football Club.

PSG’s sponsorship director Marc Armstrong said the former Barcelona captain’s arrival led to record-breaking overall shirt sales for the year. As well as you will find the best camisolas de futebol in the market. Messi’s presence in Paris attracted many Sponsorship deals as reported by the Ligue 1 leaders. The marketability of Messi even at 34 can’t be overemphasized.

The Olympic gold medalist and Copa America winner owns a clothing line, and it has been open for business in Barcelona for a little over two years. He signed a lifelong deal with Adidas in 2017 worth $25million (£19m) annually. He has other endorsements with Pepsi, Gatorade, and most recently Budweiser. Regarded by many as the greatest footballer to ever play the game, it’s no surprise that he’s been featured on the covers of Football video games like EA Sports, Pro Evolution Soccer, and Konami. Total earnings from endorsements alone were reported to be $33 million by Forbes. Mr. Messi has more money than he can spend in a lifetime.

As of 2021, Messi’s net worth is reportedly around $600million (£450m). He is the only footballer, after Cristiano Ronaldo, to surpass the $1billion career earnings mark.

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