Libido Max Red Reviews – Best Libido Booster?


There’s a huge demand for natural libido boosters and alternatives to Viagra. So much so, that supplement manufacturers have been able to make hay, while the sun continues to shine.

There has been a deluge of supplements in this space in the past few years, each one claiming to be the best natural alternative for sexual health. By now, we even know the exact sales verbiage that they use on the official website.

Libido Max Red is one such supplement that we bumped into, in the last few days. The moment we logged on to the website, we could spot some telltale signs that this was going to be another dud. But what surprises us, is that they are marketing it to the end of the earth and customers are falling head over heels for it.

The internet is filled with glossy advertisements that talk about how libido max red can positively influence everything from testosterone levels to treat erectile dysfunction. That’s what prompted us to look closer at Libido Max and share our two cents with you.

Best Alternatives to Libido Max

What Is Libido Max?

Libido Max Red claims to be a natural sexual performance boosting supplement, that works like a combination of Viagra and a testosterone booster. The official website mentions that with a few doses of Libido Max red, you can boost your sexual health.

Here are some of the other supposed benefits of using Libido Max Red.

  • It will enhance sexual desire, or boost your libido
  • It stimulates healthy blood flow to the penis which supports a healthy erection
  • It will support the release of endogenous testosterone, which will boost physical response to exercise
  • It will have an overall positive effect on your sexual activity, by improving the energy and your ability to delay ejaculation.

In other words, Libido Max red sounds like the only thing that you need to completely change your sexual health.

What is libido Max red used for?

If some of the Libido Max Red reviews that we read are to be believed, then this supplement is used as an alternative to synthetic sexual enhancement pills like Nugenix Total T Booster or Viagra.

A lot of people cannot use Viagra due to pre-existing health conditions. High blood pressure, Blood Sugar levels, heart disease, and breathing problems are some of these. A natural male enhancement formula that only contains organic natural ingredients is a better bet.

For one, they remedy the actual condition rather than offering a temporary fix and alleviating symptoms. So, if erectile dysfunction is caused due to low testosterone levels, a natural supplement will be able to restore healthy testosterone levels.

If it’s caused due to poor blood flow, then it will restore healthy blood flow in the entire body, not just the penile muscles, mind you.

The question is, does Libido Max red really offer these benefits? Let’s find out.

The Science Behind Libido Max Red

The primary problem with Libido Max Red is that the ingredients and the dosage concentrations are not backed by scientific evidence. Instead, they use a proprietary blend, which is a telltale sign of a shady business and a poor quality product.

The ingredient list will shine some light on what we mean.

So, it’s a custom blend of 1620 mg.


It features L-Citrulline, which is an amino acid that’s frequently used in supplements for cardiovascular and sexual health. L-Citrulline is clinically proven to increase blood flow and is also used in bodybuilding supplements. But, all the studies that feature l citrulline have been conducted at dosages equaling or more than 5 grams of L-Citrulline. How much L-Citrulline is in Libido Max? We have no idea. Nor will you.


L-Arginine is another amino acid, that’s a precursor to Nitric Oxide. But L-Citrulline is the more effective precursor. So why would they add L-Arginine when Libido Max already contains L-Citrulline?

Beet Powder

Another ingredient that’s commonly used in supplements for erectile dysfunction because it stimulates healthy blood flow, via the Nitric Oxide pathway. That said, just like everything else, the studies that show a positive influence of beet powder have been conducted at much higher doses than 2 grams. The prop blend is not going to do anything.

Black Tea Extract

Why does Libido Max have black tea? We have no idea. There’s one animal model study that shows that black tea may support a healthy libido. But that’s inconclusive. There are much better ingredients that can produce a more immediate response in sexual performance as compared to these.

What are the benefits of libido Max?

At those doses and with a proprietary blend, we see absolutely zero benefits. Maybe some slight muscle pumps if you take enough of these pills before your workout. But it will probably be a very expensive way to get some muscle pumps.

Just buy some fresh beet juice and you’ll get a better bang for your buck.

Side Effects Of Libido Max

Libido Max Red, in all likelihood, will not produce any side effects. That’s because it’s a blend of two amino acids, some beet extract, and some black tea extract. There are zero chances that it will have any effect, positive or negative.

That’s unless you have a known allergy to one of these ingredients. But no side effects do not make it an effective product, mind you. In fact, that’s testimony to the quality of the product.

How Does Libido Max Red Work?

Based on the ingredients and the dosages, Libido Max Red would have worked if it was a transparent label product with at least 10-11 grams of active ingredients. Instead, what you get is a terribly under dosed supplement with ingredients that are formulated to support blood flow, but at much higher doses.

That’s the very reason why brands use Prop blends. They will use fancy ingredients on the label, that is backed by science to boost physical response, improve cardiovascular and sexual health, and are supportive of healthy blood flow.

This fools customer into believing that the supplement is formulated to support blood flow. But in reality, the dosage concentrations are so low, that they will have zero effect on overall sexual health.

What Are The Drawbacks Of Libido Max Red?

There are plenty. Here’s an overview.

Terribly Under dosed to support blood flow

At 1.6 grams of active ingredients, Libido Max is probably the most under dosed male enhancement supplement that we’ve ever come across. If you have preexisting medical conditions like low blood pressure and high blood sugar, it will be like adding insult to injury.


For what it offers, this is grossly overpriced. You are getting a super low dose of two amino acids and two herbs. Even a run-of-the-mill, multivitamin will offer more health benefits as compared to this.


Libido Max is hyped. It claims to boost blood flow, boost physical response to arousal, improve cardiovascular and sexual health, and possibly even help reduce high blood pressure.

But the claims fall flat due to a lackluster ingredient list and a very low concentration of active ingredients.

What Are Consumers Saying About Libido Max Red?

We tried to find a real libido max review or two, as compared to the glossy ones that the internet seems to be peppered with. As expected, real customers are calling it ineffective and even a scam.

The scam claim stems from the refusal of the company to acknowledge their 100% money back guarantee. So, if you think that you are covered because of the money back guarantee, you might not. On the other hand, you might have a tough time trying to recover your money.

Libido Max Red FAQ

Q. Does libido max red make you bigger?

We have reviewed male enhancement formulas that can produce such a strong rush of blood into the penile chambers, that it increases the girth of the erect penis. But, at this dose of organic ingredients, you are not even going to have a minor improvement in your erection quality, let alone an increase in size. It’s going to be a total waste.

Q. How long does libido max red take to kick in?

It probably will never kick in, as the complaints and real reviews mention. You might reach out to customer service and they’ll ask you to use it for some more time. But in all probability, it will never work.

Q. Can it reduce blood pressure?

Not at the existing dosages.

Our Libido Max Review – Final Thoughts

Not recommended! To remedy sexual health problems, you need supplements that offer a more immediate response. You need a strong nitric oxide booster to support healthy blood flow, a strong libido boosting combo to increase sexual desire and herbs that will allow you to sustain an erection for long enough to facilitate intercourse.

Oh yeah, an increase in testosterone will give you the muscle mass and strength you need to back up the libido boost with.

Libido Max Alternatives

Rather than wasting your money and time on an unproven supplement that is clearly inadequate to produce any physical response for sexual health, we have some great alternatives for you.

These are supplements that have proven ingredients to support sexual activity. That’s not all. These supplements have been around for years and have consistently garnered positive reviews.

We have two options that are best suited for two of the most common problems associated with sexual performance.

#1 – Performer 8An 8X Improvement in Sexual Performance


Performer 8 is a fast acting sexual enhancement supplement that creates the ideal setting in your body to support sexual activity. By setting, we mean eliminating some of the root causes that might be interfering with your ability to have hiccup-free sexual intercourse with your partner.

Some of these potential causes are low T levels, poor blood flow through the body, high blood sugar, lack of physical activity, or pre-existing medical conditions.

Performer 8’s innovative formula will identify the key issue and rectify it, allowing you long term relief, rather than a short term fix.

How does Performer 8 improve sexual performance?

Poor sexual performance can be narrowed down largely into some common problems, that can occur even in healthy males by the way. Performer 8 remedies each one of these.

  • It boosts your T levels

Testosterone! Most sexual problems can be dialed down to the lack of this hormone that should occur naturally. A sufficient presence of testosterone will keep your libido levels intact. Performer 8 is specially formulated to increase libido, and it also provides the other positive effects of increased T.

  • It may provide a long term solution to erectile dysfunction

Performer 8 changes the way blood flows through your body. Some of the natural organic ingredients in the formula, are potent nitric oxide precursors that will increase the blood flow to the penis, and also reduce blood pressure due to their vasodilation effect. You don’t have to take it an hour prior to sexual intercourse either. The results are longer lasting. Sometimes for months.

  • The formula is 11 grams of active ingredients

Performer 8 contains 11 grams of active ingredients. That too, science-backed ones like horny goat weedpanax ginseng, and muria puiama.

Why we highly recommend Performer 8?

Here’s why we highly recommend Performer8 over Libido Max.

  • Specially formulated to address all sexual health problems
  • 11 grams of the active ingredients which offer positive results on multiple fronts.
  • Can boost physical activity giving you the energy and muscle mass strength
  • Specifically designed to boost T, improve blood flow and provide long term results
  • You can use it for ongoing maintenance of sexual symptoms, rather than using it every time
  • Does not claim to treat, cure or prevent any medical conditions
  • Excellent ‘Real’ customer reviews.
  • No need to use an hour prior to sexual intercourse every time
  • Natural formula that is supportive of the functioning of vital organs
  • Comes with a 60-day money back guarantee

Performer 8 – Our final verdict

Performer 8 is a bestselling supplement for a reason. The all-natural formula is one of the most widely used ones by middle aged men who are unable to use PDE5 inhibitors. Try it today! We are sure, you won’t regret it one bit.

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#2 – SemenollBest Supplement to support blood flow


Our next recommendation is Semenoll, which produces the thickest, massive loads of ejaculate that you’ll ever release.

Semenoll is primarily advertised as a fertility booster for men who are suffering from poor sperm health. But many of the ingredients in the supplement are also scientifically proven to improve various problems associated with sexual health.

This makes Semenoll, an excellent choice if you are looking for a single supplement that offers multiple health benefits for sexual problems.

How does Semenoll improve blood flow?

Most men think that the quantity of ejaculate has little to do with sexual performance. But that’s where they are mistaken. Low ejaculate might be a telltale sign of poor hormonal health. Here’s how Semenoll works to improve your sexual performance.

  • Strong Vasodilators

Semenoll contains herbs like Pumpkin Seed, Maca Root, and amino acids like L-Arginine & L-Lysine. These ingredients work in synergy to amplify the flow of blood into the penis during arousal. That’s not all. Maca Root and Muira Puama, are also strong libido boosters. So, the rate and ease with which you get aroused, are also increased.

  • More Pleasurable Sex

One of the innate benefits of Semenoll is that it increases the amount of ejaculate that you produce. This includes precum by the way, which lubricates the glans penis and may also increase the sensitivity of the penile nerve endings. In other words, sex becomes more pleasurable.

  • Intense Climaxes

The longer the load that you ejaculate, the longer the climax. With Semenoll, you get long lasting, intense climaxes that will be the perfect icing on the cake. You have better arousal, rock hard erections, pumped venous penis, pleasurable sex, and intense climaxes.

Why we highly recommend Semenoll?

As we said, Semenoll’s advertising is focused on its ability to boost sperm health. But this is a supplement that offers so much more. Here’s why we highly recommend this.

  • Herbs like Maca, Tribulus, Pumpkin seed extract & Muira Puama, that have an all-round effect on sexual health.
  • May increase your T levels too since the herbs are all potential T boosters
  • Intense rush of blood to the penis due to the vasodilation effect
  • Strong Nitric oxide precursors make the erection rock hard and venous
  • Might increase the girth and length of the erect penis due to the blood rush
  • More precum and more ejaculate for increased pleasure during sex
  • Each ingredient is backed by multiple clinical studies that support their usage for sexual health problems
  • Calms you down and gives you clear mental focus for sexual performance
  • Innovative product that touches on some of the lesser addressed aspects of sexual performance
  • Very effective at treating poor sperm health problems such as low motility and count

Semenoll – Our final verdict

Semenoll is a very underrated supplement that unfortunately gets overshadowed by poor quality ones like Libido Red.

But a closer look at the ingredient list and the tons of positive reviews show that this might just surprise you. You get more pleasure, rock hard erections, and powerful climaxes. Bonus points for fixing potential problems with sperm health.

Like all quality supplements we recommend, Semenoll also comes with a money back guarantee. So you have nothing to lose really.

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Disclaimer: This article contains sponsored marketing content. It is intended for promotional purposes and should not be considered as an endorsement or recommendation by our website. Readers are encouraged to conduct their own research and exercise their own judgment before making any decisions based on the information provided in this article.


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