Is Horse Racing Betting A Worthy Investment?


There are a number of ways that investors look to make gains in their finances, and the horse racing industry is one of them. However, typically, this is through ownership of horse and then targeting some of the most lucrative races throughout the season. 

Of course, this is one of the investment opportunities for those with deeper pockets, as owning a horse and covering training and vet costs doesn’t come cheap. Instead, a growing number of people are now looking to the betting side of the industry as a way of an investment, but could this be a worthwhile venture for those that are interested?

Risk vs Reward

The biggest factor that those looking to invest in horse racing betting need to examine is the risk vs reward. Odds are a huge factor when it comes to betting on the sport, which means that those looking to invest in a bet must find odds that make sense for both their financial dealings and also taking into account the ability of the horse that they are betting on. 

Risk vs reward is something that all investors will take into account before making a decision, as they will be willing to take a larger risk should the reward be greater. 

In betting terms, that means they will need to examine whether a double your money bet on a favourite is a better risk than an outsider at 10/1. A number of factors will play a role in the decision making process when it comes to this, including the race itself. 

If the race that you’re looking at has 20 runners, then a 2/1 selection is more of a gamble since it’s unlikely that a bigger priced selection has a realistic chance. Meanwhile, a 10/1 chance in a four-horse field likely has a very unlikely chance. Finding the balance is crucial when it comes to risk vs reward. 

Avoid Getting Emotional

When it comes to any business venture, it is important to take emotion out of the equation. Getting emotional with a decision likely leads to making a wrong investment, and that is something that all investors will be looking to avoid. The same goes when it comes to betting on horse racing. Many gamblers get drawn into the emotional side of the game, which means siding with a horse or jockey that you have won with before, without examining the factors that could play a part, such as whether the horse has won or even run at the track before. 

Obviously past experience on winning runners should be taken into account, but further research should also be done to ensure that you’re making a bet that is a realistic chance. 

As well as this, investors looking to make wagers should also ignore the big name jockeys just because they have heard of them previously. Instead, the stats should do much of the heavy lifting. If a jockey is in excellent form and has a great strike-rate, then that should be the reason to bet on their ride.

Factors To Consider

When it comes to betting on horse racing, there are a number of factors that should be taken into consideration before making an investment on a selection. The form is the big factor that should be considered, as this will go a long way in deciding who the winner could be. 

Horses with strong form are likely to run a big race, like the Grand National, while previous success at the same track as they are running is another big plus that will catch an investor’s eye. 

Track experience could give a horse the edge of their rivals, as they will likely take to the ground quicker and know their way around. So, make sure to find recent horse racing results here that should help you track the competitor’s form.

Horses with no experience can still perform, but it would be important to consider where their past runs have been, and whether there is any comparisons between the tracks. The connections of the horse should also be studied. Certain trainers have strong records at particular tracks, while the strike rate of the trainers will also show the trainers that are in leading form. 

The strike rate of jockeys should also be examined, as those at the top of their game are likely to get a big ride from their horse once again.


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