Is drop shipping dead? Why more people are shying away.

There are many stories out there, about how people open up an online store and start earning overnight. This is mainly by advertising on social media and website, without necessarily having the products. They do this through the third party supplier who then sends to the customers. Most of such stories are completely true, but it is not as easy as some people make it seem.

Since people learned the secret, many people decided to dwell in it and in a way flooded the venture. This gave way to some malicious people to take advantage of unfamiliar customers. However, it is an incredible form of passive income that can help jumpstart you in the industry. You don’t have to invest a large amount of money in an office, warehouse, or many personnel. As long as you have a proper internet connection, credible third party suppliers, and proper monitoring of orders then you are good to go.


Some facts why drop shipping is dying

Both external and internal issues are causing the death of dropshipping all over the world. In as much, as most enterprises have their positive and negative side, dropshipping is slowly getting outdated due to issues here and there.

1. Malicious people

We are always told, the internet is not a safe space unless you are dealing with a credible business. In any kind of purchase, you need to input your credit card information that is quite sensitive. Many hackers on the internet can easily gain access to the information and transfer the money to their accounts. It might not be the fault of the credible online store you are buying from, but with such easy channels. There is a probability of both parties having a loss. 

2. Unreliable sellers

While starting the dropshipping service, you might have goodwill to ensure the proper supply of products to the customers. However, that is not everyone’s intention. Some just use it as a way to trick innocent customers into purchasing things that don’t exist. They then don’t supply the products to the intended person. This has greatly destroyed the credibility of most online stores. This is why most famous online stores like eBay and amazon are flocked by many customers but other online stores aren’t easily getting customers.

3. Delay in supply

Many sellers have stopped engaging in dropshipping, because of delays. A seller may have assured the customer that the product will arrive in 20days, but a delay arises in the third party chain. This makes the days increase. This can easily frustrate the seller and customer due to delays. In the case that you had your stock, it would be much easier to keep track. It will make you be in a better position to know how to handle delays.

4. Supplier error

How many times, have you ordered something on the internet and gotten something different? It is much easier when you are the owner of the products and have the stocks. This is because you will easily take the wrong product and exchange it with the right one. Furthermore, you can still avoid this by counterchecking the products before selling. However, with dropshipping, you have no control over it. You just trust that your third party will supply the right item to the customer’s address. 

5. Hackers

Hackers are all over, they can easily crack any password and access your billing details. That is why you need to get a secure ecommerce site. Not only can your customers be the victims, but also you. The hackers don’t care whether your business is big or small. All they want is an enterprise that can benefit them. This has also made many people stop indulging in dropshipping. You need to invest in a good ecommerce site that will help you grow your business and even make your customers trust you more.



Even though, it may seem like dropshipping is slowly dying, there is still hope of its existence. We can’t say that it is a bad venture. It is among the best because it makes accessibility of items easier. This is also like traveling to a particular area and importing items where you are. However, this is much simpler, because you only order items directly to the buyer when the need arises. With the changing times, and how traveling to other countries has become a major issue, dropshipping is the best option. Do proper market research and know the best products to sell.


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