Is Bityard exchange safe and should you use it? (2021)

Exchange is a marketplace wherein securities, commodities, separate derivatives, and different types of financial instruments are traded. The basic function that an exchange has to perform is to ensure that a fair and orderly trade occurs. Exchanges provide the companies along with the government a proper platform to sell securities to the common public in the form of its investors. Bityard is a new entrant in this spot and has its headquarters based in Singapore. It has a unique and friendly platform making it very easy to use. The platform has unparalleled performance. It supports around the top 40 cryptocurrencies, various indexes, and many commodities having multifold leverage, several conversions. The platform charges comparatively low fees and has the facilities for promoting retail and professional traders.

Owing to these it has become one of the best derivatives platforms for trading in the whole sphere. Managed by Bityard Blockchain Foundation Limited, having its license and registration in over four countries namely Singapore, United States, Estonia, and Australia. The official launch of the trading platform was made in April 2020. Thus, the platform is new. According to sources Bityard received around $12 million investment from some unknown source in the US. Spot trading was launched in cooperation with Binance in November 2020 enabling top cryptocurrencies to sell on its interface. If you are interested in bitcoin trading visit bitqt review

The latest feature launched by Bityard is named copy trading that helps a new entrant to learn from an experienced investor. Thus, if someone does not know the ABC of investing in these complex markets, he can take help from the copy trading feature of the platform. The already settled investors will share their footsteps to success and if someone will follow these steps cautiously using his own knowledge he will surely win. This Bityard is enabling itself to suit the present market needs.

Some of the pros and cons of using Bityard are:

  • Its trading services are very diverse
  • The interface is keenly user-friendly
  • The charges are low
  • The regulations are made in four jurisdictions
  • KYC is not a compulsion
  • The promotions are lucrative
  • The options for withdrawal are limited
  • The deposit options for fiat currency are limited
  • The 2FA uses only the SMSes and email.

Some of the notable features of Bityard are described here:

  • Trade-in top cryptocurrencies: The platform of bityard supports trade in several cryptocurrencies. The nature of cryptos supported by it is in the form of short-term and long-term both. The leverage is also around 100x. There is also the facility to trade Gold, Silver, Nasdaq 100, Crude oil, DAX, and several other contracts.
  • Copy-trading: If someone has doubts over his own instincts the platform is for him. He can use the knowledge of the other experienced traders and use it for the benefit of himself. The main aim is to earn profit and the method should be legitimate which this platform supports fully.
  • Spot trading: It facilitates crypto-to-crypto exchange wherein one can buy many top cryptocurrencies.
  • Efficient platform: The trading on this platform is easy, charging nominal fees, securing the personal information of the traders proves its efficiency and ease with which one can use it.

Thus, it can be seen that the Bityard through a new platform for the exchange has proved its grounds and is emerging as a powerful source of finance and crypto trading platform. The facts prove it to be a legitimate, generous, and genuine platform to invest in the dream of making wealth using cryptocurrencies.


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