Is Bitcoin Difficult- Here Are The Best Seven Great Cryptocurrencies

Seven Great Cryptocurrencies

Digital money imparts you with a rollercoaster drive and as per the records that cryptocurrency hit in recent months have been quite astonishing. The topic decided to give a list of digital money that has topped the list of top seven currencies as per market cap. As it is genuine for any investor to think that Bitcoin is something for which you need to lose all your savings to invest it. Rather this is not the case, but even if you are looking for other currencies than Bitcoin, here is the list given below. The topic here is going to tell all the crypto investors the top seven cryptocurrencies apart from Bitcoin that you can invest in. To know more about bitcoin, you can click here.

  • Cardano

Cardano is a non-centralized cryptocurrency and a blockchain technology that came in by a group of scholars who spearheaded its formulation. ADA, the advanced cash that works on the non-benefit stage, was exchanging at $1.15 and has a market worth of 36.6 billion dollars.

  • Ethereum

Ethereum was trading around 1,800 dollars at the beginning of March, as founded by CoinDesk’s platform. This currency has been termed at the second number after Bitcoin and has continued ever since in the same position. Buterin its founder first laid the foundation of this cryptocurrency in the year 2013, but it actually came into the mainstream as a cryptocurrency in the year 2015. Two of the most spoken about features of this currency are DAPPS and smart contracts.

  • Stellar

The fellow co-founder of Ripple Labs Jed McCaleb made the open-source blockchain instalment framework Stellar in 2014. Lumens is the local digital money for the framework.

  • Xrp

XRP, crypto is known for its partnering with banks and other known platforms and trades with a market cap of around 48 billion dollars. The computerized cash was made in 2012 by blockchain organization Ripple Labs and runs an all alone blockchain convention called Ripple.

  • Tether

Tether, initially named Real coin, was dispatched in 2014 and is fixed to the US dollar – making it one of the primary cryptographical forms of money to do as such. The advanced money is the biggest stablecoin – more steady since it’s attached to fiat cash – by market capitalization at $37.6bn, as indicated by CoinDesk. Tether is at present the subject of an examination by the New York principal legal officer. The US office has asserted the eponymous firm behind the digital money has, for time frames since mid-2017, kept no dollar stores to down the coins available for use.

  • Chainlink

Sergey Nazarov launched chainlink in 2017, it uses Ethereum’s blockchain and its token works with Ethereum’s smart contract feature to facilitate payments within the network. It trades with a market cap of around 31 billion dollars.

  • Usd Coin

The stablecoin, which hit the business sectors in September 2018, is overseen by a consortium called Center, dispatched by shared organization Circle and crypto trade Coinbase. Their point, as per their site, is to “carry dependability to crypto”. It was exchanging at $1 with a market cap of around 9.12 billion dollars.


The topic here has given the list of currencies that you apart from Bitcoin can invest in. All these cryptocurrencies are performing well as per the circulation and also in terms of market cap as well. I hope if you are looking for currencies apart from Bitcoin the topic would serve the purpose to give you a small piece of easy information in the article.

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