IPXO Marketplace for IP Leasing and Monetization


IPXO, which stands for Internet Protocol Exchange Organization is an IPV4 platform used explicitly for monetization and leasing. The main goal is to improve security and transparency during the monetization process and leasing of IP addresses. If your organization aims to lease IPv4 resources for several benefits, you need to consider the IPXO Marketplace.

It began way back in 2019 when dedicated internet developers saw the need to work on the global shortage of IPv4 addresses. However, before then, the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority, IANA, had worked on the eight address blocks that executed the availability of IPv4 addresses was no longer operational. From there, the IPXO team realized the shortage of supply and demand in the market. As a result, the IPXO marketplace helps institutions that have IPv4 addresses achieve monetization. With the marketplace, IP holders can customize different features according to their preferences and manage all the earnings.

It is hard for businesses to grow due to such shortages. This is because IP address prices shoot up, making it hard for organizations to survive. That is why leasing addresses is the best solution for such organizations to keep their businesses growing. The process is simple and cheap for business owners.

At this point, you can now realize the effectiveness of the IP marketplace. It is effective for any given business that wants an IP address. Businesses can now afford monetization and leasing solutions through IPXO without having to struggle much. It is way better than buying from the Regional Internet Registry.

What you Need to Know about IPXO

Everything usually has several challenges. The overall concept required the developers to develop a platform that is compatible with the IP address of potential customers. But the entire process had several shortcomings, as it could be with any other project. However, the dedicated team managed to overcome all the challenges and created the first IP address to serve global needs.

Why you need to consider IPXO for your Business

Now that you have great knowledge of the entire concept of IPXO, you may wonder, do I need it? Well, the services have several benefits as outlined below.

Best User Experience– Any platform or a tool used to build up a business needs to have the best user experience. After all, it is the clients who will be interacting with the platform to get the services. The IPXO marketplace is the most potent IPv4 platform for monetization and leasing activities. It is built with the best technology to ensure users get the most out of the platform and not just basics. The best aspect is that developers are still working o several ways to improve the platform more.

Openness– When dealing with the IPXO marketplace, expect to navigate through with ease. Besides, every step has clear directions without any hidden concepts.

Improved Security– Matters concerning businesses require a high level of security. With the IPXO platform, you are guaranteed strong security because the platform is built on intelligent, customized software that provides worldwide security. Still, there are RPKI verification standards that improve overall safety.

Management policies– The management of IPXO has put more emphasis on IP address usage. The team has strict measures to ensure all the undertakings revolving around the IPXO marketplace are as legit as possible. As an organization, you are assured of smooth operation through Abuse Desk Management and Know Your Customer policies.

Comprehensive coverage– IPXO marketplace has many IP address blocks across the regional Internet Registries. Besides, IPXO hosts IPv4 subnet blocks in the RIRs from 8 to 24 to ensure all the automation and management processes are in one place.

Besides the above benefits, the IPXO marketplace team implements ways to automate the route objects, RIR managements, and other functionalities in the coming days.

The Future of IPXO marketplace

Apart from the advantages of the IPXO marketplace, the team is still working on several features to improve the future of the platform. The following features are part of the developments, which will be released in the coming days. All these features are meant to simplify and improve the overall functionality of the IPXO marketplace for everyone.

The RPKI– This feature aims at simplifying everything for the IP address users. Instead of building route objects manually, the process will be automated so that the users can manage all the IP resources at a go without any hassles.

Note: The goal is to control the IPs available on the IPXO marketplace and not all the IPs available on the platform.

Automated geolocation updates– Another essential feature of the IPXO marketplace platform is automating geolocation updates from MaxMind and IPInfo. The goal is to enable lessees to update IP geolocation direct over the IPXO terminal.

The IP Billing Cycles– Again, the IP billing cycle feature will help the lessees pick their preferred billing plan, either annually, quarterly, or bi-annual. The aim is to give the members an option to select a convenient schedule for them regarding available resources and requirements.

The Abuse Desk Policy and Management– In any given platform, users deserve to handle everything legitimately to avoid inappropriate activities. The same case applies to the IPXO marketplace platform. They are working on the best ways to ensure every IP holder enjoys the services conveniently without malicious activities going on in the background.

The ASN Database– Although the platform has already launched the ASN database, they are still improving on some areas to ensure all IP holders can access other information related to the lessees to add important details to the IPAM. The purpose of the ASN database is to verify the availability of ASN to avoid making any mistakes in the process.

Custom Payout Cycles– Another crucial feature of the IPXO marketplace platform is the CPC. Like the billing cycles, this feature will enable IP holders to choose the best time to process the payouts. It can be annually, quarterly, or bi-annual.


In summary, the IPXO aims to fill the gap resulting from the shortage of IPv4 addresses when the demand for such addresses is high. All the businesses that lease IP addresses for a specific period can now use the platform and achieve their objectives. The security is well-prioritized, and other features are already automated while the team is still working on more improvements. You can be sure to have a smooth operation in monetizing and leasing IP addresses with the IPXO marketplace.

Disclaimer: This article contains sponsored marketing content. It is intended for promotional purposes and should not be considered as an endorsement or recommendation by our website. Readers are encouraged to conduct their own research and exercise their own judgment before making any decisions based on the information provided in this article.


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