Investment Company Owners in Europe Are Backing Startup Founders to Change the World

Investment company owners in Europe

European tech-based startups are garnering a lot of attention from investors on the back of their innovative solutions and revolutionary ideas, catering to several challenges across critical industries. The founders of several investment firms have been betting big precisely on the startups operating in Europe, as they believe that the emerging enterprise founders are capable of changing the world.   

Based in Luxembourg, Rajat Khare, founder of European deep tech investment firm Boundary Holding says that well-surrounded, startup founders can change the world. While talking to Bilan, a popular French magazine, Rajat Khare stressed on the importance of building great companies instead of focusing on quick and hefty returns on investment. The company has recently invested in Astrocast and SwissDrones, adding to its handsome portfolio of new-age investees.   

Undoubtedly, the impact of timely investment in a particular startup is quite significant, as it helps the firm to expand its wings and enhance the operations considerably. Marta-Gaia Zanchi, founder of Nina Capital, a Spanish investment firm has been committed to innovation in information technology and digital health. She has identified tech-based startups and invested in them to usher in a change within vastly growing industries.  

Zanchi believes that leveraging technology is a must to build products and companies that could last the test of time, while also putting equal emphasis on collaboration. “I have fun while mentoring young professionals and contributing to the building of products and companies,” she says.

On the other hand, Rajat Khare has also been an active member of the board of director of most invested companies. This robust portfolio includes big names like XRVision, Cerbair, RanMarine, Internest, etc. According to him, European startups have the potential to become global enterprises. For the same reason, he prefers to side with the founders of the business, instead of the financiers. 

It is no secret that so far many European startups have become market leaders. Khare believes in long-term investments in firms that have would trigger fourth industrial revolutions. Under his leadership, Boundary Holding, one of the leading European deep tech investment firms has already invested in firms operating across various fields like robotics, aerospace, automation, artificial intelligence, satellites, etc. 

Talking to Bilan, Rajat Khare said that he intends to invest in 50 to 60 more startups over the next three years. Considering the number of unicorn startups in Europe, the keen interest of founders is not an exaggeration, especially when the world seems to be on the brink of fourth industrial revolutions. 

Going forward, it would be interesting to see how the young and determined startup founders chart their respective paths. However, with the backing of investment firms and their leaders, some of them, if not all, are destined to become world beaters.


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