Incredible Ideas for Gym Locker Room Customisation

Gym Locker Room

Across a range of industries or communities, whether it be health, professional, leisure, or athletic leisure, there is one thing in common: the locker facility. When you have a range of guests or customers, a locker facility can be incredibly important to contribute to those guests feeling comfortable and secure on your premises, as well as offering them a certain quality feeling to using your establishment.

Locker facilities are used across several industries, and they serve as an important piece of comfort and security. Lockers are crucial in lots of shared spaces, such as the workplace, gyms, leisure activities such as bowling or ice skating, etc. to provide employees with enough space to keep their personal belongings safe. Additionally, for the leisure and fitness industries, locker room facilities are incredibly important.

Gym facilities dictate to guests the quality of your establishment. For example, if your locker room has lots of coin-based lockers that do not return the coin to the customer, as well as lots of broken or damaged lockers, this may not make the guest feel particularly secure or trusting of your space. Regardless of how good your other services are, the gym locker room design or regular locker room design is what guests see initially. For this reason, it is incredibly important to have an adequate locker room design layout and facilities.

Below are some ideas for locker room customisation:

Bespoke gym lockers

Bespoke gym lockers can help maximise space and give a truly professional feel. Buying bespoke can give you freedom with your design choices, as well as efficiently fill your space and maximise storage space for guests. Bespoke lockers can not only transform the space but provide guests with a premium experience.

Bespoke lockers can truly transform a space. For example, if you have a limited amount of space, lockers can be designed to maximise the space. Additionally, add ons to the lockers can be beneficial for limited space. Such as built-in shoe space, wet clothes compartments, built-in benches, or standing lockers.


Lighting is incredibly important. If your gym locker room design and layout feature lots of mirrors or reflective surfaces, it may not be wise to have incredibly detailed lighting as this may make guests feel uncomfortable. Additionally, bright, sterile lighting can feel invasive and come as a shock when entering or exiting the locker room.


Aside from locked storage such as lockers, additional storage may be a good idea. Such as racks filled with water bottles or other things guests may need such as towels. This will depend on the individual establishment of course but can offer guests a more premium experience if all their immediate needs are taken care of.


Bathroom facilities are important anywhere. It can be a good idea to have bathroom facilities directly connected to the locker room facility so guests can have more privacy and directly access the bathroom from the locker room.

Showers should also be included in your facilities for the comfort and hygiene of guests.

Colour scheme

Depending on your establishment, the colour scheme can have a big difference on the mood of the room. For example, darker colours can give a more premium feel. When considering the colour scheme of your locker room you should consider if regular or bespoke lockers will be able to be built in this colour.

Gym locker room design layout

The functionality of your layout is especially important when considering designing the locker room space. The locker room should be straight forward, with clear signposting of how to get in and out. Additionally, the lockers should be clearly numbered for user ease and things such as showers, toilets and other amenities should be considered. For example, if there is a swimming pool, the showers usually should go directly by the pool, to minimise liquid in the main area.


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