iGaming Changing Throughout Europe


As iGaming services continue to thrive and grow, the number of new operators emerging and games filling online services continues to excite the ever growing player numbers two as the past two years have seen some of the most successful years in the iGaming industry too, many of the biggest operators can be found at casinos not on Gamstop for options away from many of the restrictions, but it looks like there’s no slowing the almost inevitable crackdown as regulation change is coming in thick and fast across Europe.

Italy had initially saw a lot of change throughout 2020 and 2021, some news had started to emerge around a possible lawsuit between the Italian Gambling Commission and Google with concerns that services outside of Italy were being advertised to players within the country, getting around the law that players looking to gamble online must do so with Italian registered services, tax changes were also a big part of the news cycle at the time, with player numbers growing so quickly having increased tax was proposed to be put towards an emergency fund for future crisis too.

The UK has been another market to see major change too – changing gambling regulation has been targeted at many facets of iGaming from payment options to how games would perform too, a ban on credit card gambling had been one of the first major changes back in 2020 along with adjustments to advertising options during the global health crisis, but there had been a batch of other changes after this too specifically targeted towards slots games in order to slow the down and make them more fair to the growing number of players too. With another batch of changes on the way, the UK Gambling Commission is currently one of the more active names changing iGaming options in Europe.

With eyes looking overseas as different states throughout the US are legalizing online betting and gambling, many European operators are looking to set up across the pond to and perhaps avoid many of the restrictions that currently exist in the working market – Tipico has been one operator primed with Denver being the target for a new technology hub with the hopes of bringing the widespread success in iGaming in Europe through to the US market too.

With surveys suggesting support for iGaming particularly in countries like the UK is growing, and some of the negative connotations are leaving too, it’s a great time to be involved with different iGaming services, and expect changes to continue coming in as regularly as they have been already.

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