How to Write a Conclusion for an Argumentative Essay

How to Write a Conclusion for an Argumentative Essay

Argumentative essays can be longer or shorter. So, always consider the length of your papers before proceeding. A shorter essay can have a short ending, while a longer one will have a long ending. Regardless of the size of the conclusion section, please be keen always to indicate what is recommended. Let’s delve further into understanding how to handle the conclusion section for an argumentative essay.  

What Is An Argument Essay?

Understanding your papers before working on them is crucial to determine the best approach. So, what is an argumentative essay? This is a unique essay because it requires an individual to research, analyze and evaluate data before generating opinions. In addition, this type of essay relies on facts; as such, you will always back it up through in-text citations and referencing, depending on the writing guidelines.

There are three things you can always consider when concluding an argumentative essay. First, individuals might fail to submit relevant copies because they couldn’t determine the best ways to conclude their essays. Today, we will ensure you can conclude an argumentative essay and any other paper you handle.

How to Structure the Summary Section

As the name suggests, this section summarizes the entire document in detail. It is incumbent upon every individual thus to secure the best approach when concluding argumentative essays. Luckily, the approach is always similar to when summarizing any other essay. So, what does this mean?

Because the summary section concludes the entire document, you must develop the best approach to represent your opinions. Of course, you can always refer to the body section of the argumentative essay to determine the one that carries more weight.

You can then focus on this primary fact by elaborating further on how it relates to your writing. A great conclusion should attract the attention of the readers. You can achieve this by expressing your thoughts and allowing the reader to contemplate the information. The conclusion should be informative for the audience to see the essence of your report.

You can start by drafting a simple summary. Always reintroduce the thesis statement to ensure readers can relate to your work and determine if it focuses on the main objective. A simple summary should be easier to understand.


It is crucial to always begin with an outline when writing an argumentative essay. Often, the outline will guide you on what to include in the paper. You can start by indicating the main sections, like the introduction, body, and conclusion.

It is also worth stating the various approaches you will use for every section. Often, you’ll need backup info which you can access through research. For example, when outlining a summary, you will indicate the thesis statement, an opinion to support it, and your final thoughts on the subject. So, be keen always to understand your papers so that you can select the best approach to conclude them.  

Time Management

Time management is crucial as it allows individuals to easily work on an entire argument essay. You’ll need enough research to compile a worthy conclusion in such a paper. With enough time, you can always gather enough resources to support your writing.

Time management is also vital as it allows you to edit the conclusion section of your argumentative essay. Often, you’ll have to countercheck your writing before submitting it to the relevant bodies. So you will allocate enough time for writing and proofreading your pieces. The conclusion can be shorter, but you might not achieve good grades if it isn’t of the best standards.

Utilize Only Valid Data

Argumentative Essay

When researching, ensure that you indicate all the sources in your writing. Placing them in in-text citations or referencing sections depends on the writing style. So, always inquire from your tutors or research the best format for your papers before working on them. You can always research the internet for the recommended styles for your papers. 

The essence of research is to validate your conclusion in the argument essay. Remember that the audience would need facts to ascertain that your reports are valid. Therefore, you can only convince them by providing actual data.

Sometimes hiring online assistance can enable individuals to deliver worthy reports. So, any essay writing service USA can deliver a top-notch conclusion if you give the proper instructions when making orders. Consider working with legitimate sources to get the value of your payment.

What Not To Indicate In an Argumentative Essay Conclusion

Always avoid new ideas when summarizing your work. Any conclusion with additional data tells the reader that your work is incomplete. Also, you might need to back up your data, forcing you to present more information in this section, which isn’t always right.

You should avoid repeating the thesis statement word by word, i.e., as it appears. The best approach is to restate it. You can always break it down into chunks to understand it better. Moreover, you must always focus on the main agenda of your writing.

Avoid using complex terms in this section. Often, readers would lose interest if they can’t understand the terms used in your writing. Also, researching the meaning of such terms might consume a lot of time, which most tutors wouldn’t want to experience because they must go through multiple documents.

You might want to avoid using terms like in conclusion because this can increase the word count in your papers, yet they don’t carry more weight. Because you are working on the conclusion section, the reader should know you are summarizing your writing.

Final Thoughts!

The conclusion section in every essay might seem similar. You only need to determine what info you will indicate to differentiate the essay type. For example, in an argumentative essay, you will back up an opposing fact with actual data. Ensure that you can always convince the readers that your opinion is worthy. Don’t also forget that quality is key. So, you will always proofread your writing before submitting it.


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