How To Use Each Different Type Of Industrial Door

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Designing your company premises is no walk in the park. There are so many different things to plan that some of the smaller things can often go under the radar and end up rushed at the last minute, which is something no company wants; this leads to poorly designed spaces that aren’t functional for their purposes. The industrial doors that you choose to utilise have to be so carefully chosen if you want to avoid huge functionality failures, so we’ve put together a great guide to show you how to utilise each different kind of industrial door to your advantage – read on to find the benefits that these doors can have!


Fire Sliding Doors

These are a fantastic addition to the safety measures that you have in place to protect your staff in the event of a fire emergency, making them a feature that every company should consider. Fire sliding doors from Hörmann are tested in accordance to DIN4102, with their quality continuously monitored by MPA Braunschweig, ensuring durable and long-lasting options for your buildings. These doors are suitable for areas of high personnel frequency where there is a risk of fire, allowing people to pass through easily to escape the dangerous, life-threatening fumes that can be released. A wicket door is also available in these fire sliding doors, which again allows you to quickly and easily move sack trucks, small trolleys, and personnel during an emergency – the wicket door will feature an overhead slide rail closer, which secures the door during a fire to prevent the spread and movement of fumes.


High Speed Doors

Time is valuable and few things are quite as frustrating for you and your business as wasted time – it decreases efficiency, wastes resources, and stops the operation from running as smoothly as it could. High speed industrial doors help you to alleviate this issue in the workplace, offering fast and effective entrances and exits for your vehicles and personnel to pass through as and when it’s required. The fast opening and closing action decreases waiting time, allowing people to complete tasks quickly, but also minimised the heat loss that slow action doors can cause – this creates a more balanced and consistent climate that can be regulated far more easily.


Sliding Gates

Entrances and exits aren’t just found on the inside of your buildings – they can be found on the perimeter of your premises too! Your company gates are not only your first impression to any visitors, but they’re also your first line of security, so you’ll want to find a gate that’s functional, professional and, above all, secure. Hörmann’s sliding gates are an effective and intelligent solution for any business, with minimal groundwork and foundations required. The gates also do not use a guide rail, which eliminates the risk of issues arising due to the build-up of snow, ice, or heavy soiling around the gate. This offers you a durable and reliable option that’s built to last.


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