How To Purchase NFT: An All-In-One NFT Guide To Get Your First Non-Fungible Asset


The era of virtual currency has witnessed highest peaks due to its higher rate of returns. With the record-breaking success of $69 million through the sales of a digital collage by an artist named Beepal the last year, 2021, NFTs grasped the attention of most of the trading enthusiasts. Most popular celebrities along with several technologies have been seen accepting the NFTs. If you want to get your hands on one of the leading forms of virtual currency that is NFT, continue reading this NFT guide. 

NFTs: A Quick Introduction 

NFTs are primarily Ethereum blockchain-based currencies, and they’re used to validate digital possession of whatever asset is tied to the token. 

Non-fungible tokens enable artists to publish their work online even without risk of it being copied and sold as a counterfeit copy. Additionally, according to the NFTGuide several NFTs provide special access to occasions; however, you must own a token in order to gain entry to these events.

NFT has a separate value, it is non-fungible and cannot be used in the same way as other cryptocurrencies. Fungible cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin or Ethereum, have the same value no matter how many there are. If you want to know more, visit Crayon Eaters.

Rightful Steps Of Acquiring NFTs

Purchasing Ethereum

Due to the prevalence of Ethereum-based tokens in the majority of NFT marketplaces, Eth tokens are only accepted as payment. Using a cryptocurrency exchange to buy Ethereum is an option if you have such an account. Beginners should start with Coinbase or eToro, if they don’t already have one.

acquiring nft

Connecting with NFT supported marketplaces

NFTs can be purchased and sold on a variety of platforms. You may buy a wide range of art and collectibles on several online marketplaces. Secondary markets on several of these platforms include various NFTs, however each platform functions slightly differently.

  • OpenSea

Supported by Ethereum, OpenSea is an exchange for NFTs. Non-fungible tokens can be exchanged for cryptocurrency via network interaction. Various digital collectibles, including video game memorabilia and digital artwork, can be found here. OpenSea, for example, uses your Ethereum card details as your username and password. With your wallet linked up, it’s time to begin exploring the market and making bids!

  • SuperRare 

For NFTs, it’s a social media platform. A user can resell original works on the platform’s website, and each piece is one-of-a-kind. Due to the platform’s reliance on the Ethereum network, any purchases you make will necessitate the deposit of Eth tokens into your account.

  • Nifty Gateway

It is an NFT exchange owned by Gemini. Artists like Steve Aoki, Grimes, 3LAU, and others use the site to publish artwork on the major marketplace. Collectors can also resell artwork on the company’s secondary market. To finance your Nifty account, you can use Ethereum or a credit card.

  • NBA Top Shot

It is a store selling NBA collectibles. These digital basketball cards are more dynamic than standard trade cards. In-game samples of the featured players, for example. A Lebron James Dunk poster featuring a clip of James dribbling here on Houston Rockets bought for over $200,000.

Acquiring NFTs

After funding your account, buying an NFT is simple. Most marketplaces are auction-style, so you’ll need to place a bid to buy NFT. For NFTs with multiple prints, certain exchanges function more like an exchange.

The possible resale value of an NFT purchased straight from the main market is one benefit. Some high-demand NFTs sell for 5-10 times their original cost immediately after release. The disadvantage of purchasing NFTs on the main market is the lack of liquidity for the art. On the secondary market, you may compare prices.

How To Best-Protect Your NFTs? 

Every day, someone writes about squandering their most valued digital gems. Collectors must be extra cautious.

A hardware wallet has been the safest way to store NFTs. Hardware wallets are the safest option because they keep data fully offline and are password protected. These wallets can usually restore lost or stolen device content.

You can also utilize hardware wallets called hot wallets, which access the internet via mobile. This means you can transact without concern of being scammed or getting a virus.

Because your digital assets are held offline, a cold chain hardware wallet is by far the most secure choice for storing your NFTs.

Ledger: The Most Secured Cold Wallet 

Ledger hardware wallets are multi-currency wallets that hold private keys offline. Ledger has two hardware digital wallets: the Nano S as well as the Nano X. These devices leverage storage mechanisms—USB drives—to hold private keys, making it harder for hackers to access them online. 

Both ledger wallets are founded upon Data saving devices i.e USB storage wallets that let users to transmit and receive bitcoin from blockchains as well as run third-party apps.

These wallets do use a 24-word standby restoration phrase in case the device holding the private key is misplaced or   They all support 27 currencies and over 1500 tokens. Traders are blessed with a list that covers both well-known and obscure cryptocurrencies.

Which Are The Most Desired NFTs for 2022? 

Music and art are among the most popular non-traditional forms of transportation. NFTs has had contributions from some of the biggest names in music.

  • Grimes
  • Kings of Leon
  • Steve Aoki
  • 2 Chainz

NFTs have attracted a large number of artists that use electronic channels as a medium for their work. CryptoKitties, a crypto collectible, was among the first large NFTs. Collectible in the same way as Beanie Babies, these electronic cats were first produced in 2017.

Exceptional collectibles such as these are not the only ones available but they also have NBA Top Shots, Cryptopunks and in-game items for video games.

The Final Thoughts 

Is the market expanding at a rapid rate? A big YES. Global NFT size of the market is predicted to exceed $3.5 trillion in 2030, according to Emergen Research, which published its findings in the NFT guide in January 2022. By comparison, the market size was $340 million in 2020. Establishing a crypto wallet to hold your cryptocurrency is the first step in purchasing NFTs from a marketplace. In many cases, NFTs are sold through an auction mechanism in which bidders compete for the NFT of their choosing.

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