How to Install an Expedition Style Roof Rack to Your Land Rover

Land Rover

Traveling can be very fulfilling but bear in mind that you need good organization skills, planning, and a convenient car for every adventure.

Things are easy for those who choose to go to one location and sleep in the same hotel for days. They just have to book a flight and carry minimum baggage since they’ve got food and all the bathroom “equipment” at the hotel.

However, adventurous people who choose to go camping, for example, need a bit of a different plan. For the tent, particularly, and all the other carry-ons, a plane is not an option.

Moreover, you’ll need a vehicle where you can fit all the food and cleaning equipment. Camping also includes more extravagant locations that not every car can reach.

Therefore, this kind of exhibitionist usually owns a strong car to overcome even the steep roads of mountains. In the winter, you’ll also have to think about the importance of winter tires. A land rover is ideal for this type of travel.

In this text, we’ll show you how to make maximum use of your land rover by installing a roof rack, as well as mention the benefits of traveling with one.

What a Roof Rack Includes

Roof Rack

To see how roof racks work and learn how to install the roof top tent you’ll need to get acquainted with its components first. The main parts of every roof rack are:

  • Crossbars – these are the bars that are the key component of the rack. They run horizontally along the width of the car, and they are the structure on which you place your luggage;
  • Legs – they are at the bottom end of the crossbars, and they provide space between the roof and the rack;
  • Fitting kit – includes all the components needed to fit the legs to your car. They ensure that you have securely attached the crossbar legs to the land-rover;

Steps on How to Fit an Expedition Style Roof Rack to Your Land Rover

Expedition Style Roof Rack

To mount the roof rack, you’ll need some help. Two people at least are necessary for this procedure.

Make sure to first put marks on the roof, where the legs of the rack are supposed to be placed, and choose a good location for carrying this procedure out. It would be ideal if you lift and place the rack in your yard or anywhere you have loads of space because you’ll need it.

You can lift the rack either from the rear or from the front to back, but we recommend lifting it from the rear side. In doing so, you’ll avoid damaging the front or trunk of the car.

Next, be careful when you slide it along the roof and ensure that the legs are in the rain gutter. The manual for placing the expedition-style roof rack says to place it 50mm from the rear of the car’s exterior body.

After that, make adjustments to strengthen the legs by tightening the nut finger after placing the claps on each leg. There are usually eight of these on a land rover.

For the final touch, you’ll need a couple of spanners that came along with the roof. Tighten each nut 2-3 times while moving around the car. You can feel if a nut is slackening off by moving the nut opposite to it.

The Importance of Roof Racks

Roof Racks

Here are some of the reasons why you should install a roof rack:

  • More room for your stuff – on your roof rack, you can store your tent and camping gear. You can store your boat, kayak, or your surfing board. If you prefer fishing, you can store your fishing gear. All this saves up much space for the inside of the car;
  • More fresh air – since storing all the “dirty” equipment and food on the roof rack will leave the car with only the things you need at hand, and your interior will have loads of fresh air;
  • Additional lighting – not only does the rack give you an option to place additional lighting to it, especially if you travel at night on steep roads, but the trunk of your car will not be loaded and therefore won’t block your view at the back window;
  • Additional comfort – probably the main benefit of roof racks is that you get enough legroom inside your car. Long road trips require driving and sleeping in shifts. More room for rest is a must in that case;


If you are a travel enthusiast, a roof rack is a necessity for you. As we have pointed out in this text, mounting is not that difficult, and you can do it yourself.

Other than fishing or snowboarding gear, you can place your suitcases on them for long rides. In this way, you get maximum space for the passengers, which is only for your convenience.

Just make sure you have purchased a roof rack that went through safety tests and is easy to mount. After that, you are good to go. Good luck!

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