How to Hold A Multi-Language Live Event

Holding multi-language events is a norm for some companies, especially international companies that have some of their stakeholders and members in different countries across each continent. Companies like this organize multi-language events from time to time for different purposes. For some other companies, multi-language events happen only once in a while, and when it does, it is usually a big deal. However, whether a company organizes multi-language events occasionally or frequently, one major issue faced during multi-language events is how to make connections with everyone despite the diversity in language. Read on for guidance on how to hold a multi-language live event.

Use Multi-Lingual Committee and Materials

Preparing for a multi-lingual live event requires a lot of planning and proper planning demands that you have a committee so when you are selecting members for your committee, make sure that there is a representative of every language in your committee. These representatives will help you plan how to effectively communicate with your expected audience. Also, conference materials, web pages that will be used by attendees like the registration page, feedback page, and other contents that will be made available to attendees of the event should be prepared in different languages. Engage the services of professionals to translate your online and offline materials for you instead of using Google Translate, this is because using Google Translate might make the content unprofessional or skip out some important information.

International Speakers and Partnership

Speakers at your event should be individuals from the different countries where your event will be held. When attendees see people speaking their language, they have a connection and you will be more willing to give attention. Using international speakers participating in your event is one of the best leverages you can use to get the attention of people who speak a different language from yours. Another way to make attendees interested in your event is to get partnerships from notable companies in the countries where your attendees will be joining from. Getting partnerships from these companies will allow you to create a multicultural atmosphere for your event, get connected with people, and build a trusted community.

Universal Timing

The fact that you will be having participants from different countries around the world means that the event will hold at different times of the day because of the time difference between countries. For this reason, use a universal time for your time so that all participants can feel carried along. Also, use a 24-hour timing so that people can not mistake day meetings for night meetings. An example is 1900 hours GMT or 0900 hours UTC.

Simultaneous Remote Interpretation

For major presentations and keynotes, make available simultaneous interpretations for all attendees. Use remote interpretation to enable people to get a real-time interpretation from anywhere they are using their smartphones, tablets, or computers. People who do not have an internet connection can also get real-time by dialing in if you engage the services of professional remote interpretation companies like InterpretCloud. Remote interpretation does not only allow you to translate your information, but it also provides a safe means to do so. You can also use subtitles for your videos during presentations so that people can follow and understand the message you are passing across.

Cross-Cultural Concierge

Registration staff for your multilingual live event should be selected from different cultures so that they can welcome people who speak their language, to the event and help them with the registration process. If you have a line that people can call to make inquiries and lay complaints, ensure that the attendants speak different languages so they can attend to any issue from native speakers.

Final thought

One thing to keep in mind before and during your meeting is that people who will be attending are people who share different cultures, beliefs, and opinions from one another and it is normal for people to feel uncomfortable at the event. You must create an environment where they can feel free and comfortable if you want the success of your event. Finally, if you are hiring interpreters, hire them early so they can study well enough and give you their best at the event.


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