How To Get Freelance Jobs Fast As A Beginner

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After making up your mind to finally be a freelancer, the next question that always runs to your mind is how to get freelance jobs fast as a beginner.

This is because getting a freelancing job as a beginner is not easy and if you don’t take the right steps, it will take you a long period of time to get your first job and in most cases, you may end up getting none.

As a matter of fact, building a reliable group of clients who trust you is one of the biggest challenges every freelancer faces.

To be sincere, you won’t have any clients to be freelancing without freelance jobs.

In this article, you will learn the most crucial aspect of becoming a freelancer and the strategies that will help know how to get freelance jobs fast as a beginner.

We will outline where to easily get your potential clients as soon as possible.

1. Start with people you know

The first step to take on how to get freelance jobs fast as a beginner is by starting with the people you know.

You can do this by informing your family and friend about your new freelancing career, you never can tell, they might also be in need of your services and this will help you land your first job.

Since this group of people already know you personally, there will be no stress in building trust, and also most people are more likely to hire someone they have personally connected with.

Another thing to benefit from starting with the people you know is that if you deliver a good job for them, they will easily recommend your services to their family and friend as well.

2. Use social media to your advantage

In the freelancing business, many freelancers neglect the use of social media to promote themselves.

Never ignore the power of social media when it comes to searching for freelancing clients. Social media is an easy way to meet your potential clients who are already on one or more platforms.

Aside from getting clients, social media is also a nice platform to build a network and connect with other freelancers who will later share some secrets about the industry with you and also refer clients to you or add you to one of their projects.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn are a few social media platforms to start with.

3. Join a freelancing platform

It is recommendable to move your freelancing career to a freelancing marketplace after delivering a few orders for your family, friends, and the client you met on social media.

This will help you know how good you are and what you are worth in the place of a highly competitive freelancing marketplace.

Freelancing marketplaces always have a lot of potential clients looking for services and getting a job on one of these sites is easy as cake. But, there are a lot of other freelancers who compete with each other to win a client over.

Well, there is a large list of Freelancing marketplaces you can start with as a beginner, just choose one, create an account to register, and post your gigs to start looking for jobs.

Below are some freelance platforms that are great for finding valuable jobs:


Fiverr is the first place most freelancers start their freelancing career, this is because Fiverr is a safe platform to get started with freelancing as a beginner and it guarantees jobs for you.

The best part of this platform is not only that you will save time with their service, but as a beginner, you will also get training that will help you improve the skills needed to win clients on the platform.


Upwork is another freelancing website to start securing nice freelancing jobs right away.

In the beginning, your earnings might not be high, and Upwork takes its cut, but this freelancing platform is great for connecting with clients all over the world.

4. Check local businesses’ career sections

Another great place to find freelance jobs faster is through local businesses’ career sections.

Check out the websites of most reputable local businesses, and see if you will find a link at the footer of their websites that says “Were Hiring”, “Careers” or “Work With Us“.

When you click to see the pages, you will notice detailed positions currently available at the company and this means you can apply for these jobs as a freelancer.

However, most local businesses don’t make proper use of their websites when searching for freelancing services (especially those with low website traffic).

The best approach is to visit their office and see what problems they are currently facing and put together a tailored proposal on how your services can help.

You never know, your local restaurant might need an app developer to help them launch a food app, or your local church might need a better graphic designer for their banners.

With this method of approaching local businesses, you will face significantly little or no competition and this is how to get freelance jobs fast as a beginner.

5. Use A Paid Service

The above-mentioned tips on how to get freelance jobs require a bit of patience and trial, but if you don’t have the time to follow them and you really need to find a job right now, you can use paid services to do so.

Paid service like Vollna is a nice platform to instantly find a list of clients for your freelancing job.

What this kind of platform do is look up freelance job sites, job boards, and marketplaces to get relevant job postings that match your stated skills and experience.

These paid services can be a little expensive, but it’s worth it to invest $10 a month to easily and quickly get new freelancing job notifications than spending dozens of hours searching for jobs on your own.


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