How to Get a Canadian Bachelor’s Degree


Canada is one of the best countries for education. Luckily, there are a lot of international programs that welcome talented foreigners and let them achieve their dreams. Just find the institution you like and submit the documents to get enrolled. However, that’s not all. You’ll have to get a special permit and a visa for the entire period of study. Follow the post to find out how.

Find a School That Suits Your Needs

There are a lot of educational institutions in Canada. You can pick based on the location, reputation, or other criteria important to you. Here are 3 popular universities to consider:

 They welcome foreigners and have a wide selection of curious courses to check out.

But you should know that not every academic facility has the right to accept foreign nationals. You can check which ones are available using a convenient Canada government website. It shows whether you can submit your application or not. Just pick a province and check the list. If you have already chosen an educational facility, start typing its name to make sure you can go there.

Get a Letter of Acceptance

After you’ve settled on a school and chosen a program, go to its official website and look at the procedure for enrolling foreign nationals. Fill in each step to get a letter of acceptance and attach required documents if any. The letter from Dean must be written on the official letterhead as it’s one of the requisites for a travel permit. The letter must contain the following information:

  • Acceptance confirmation
  • Tuition fees
  • The starting and graduation dates

Apply for a Student Visa

 If your course lasts over 6 months, you’ll have to get a document that’ll let you stay legally. A study permit is valid for the entire period of your enrollment and allows you to cross borders without any limitations. The easiest way to get it is to apply online. Fill in the application and attach the following documents:

  • An international passport with blank pages
  • A bank statement showing your ability to cover the expenses (or one that belongs to your official sponsor)
  • Police clearance certificate to demonstrate no record of criminal activity
  • A color 35×45 photo in a digital format

Note that all the documents must be translated into French or English. The last step would be to pay the application fee. The processing costs are $150 CAD. Additionally, you may be required to make an interview appointment and come to the consulate to submit your biometric data for $85 CAD. These fees are nonrefundable.

Print out the payment confirmation and attach it to your application. Check everything before submitting.

Wait for the Decision 

You may have to wait for up to 90 days due to the current virus situation. However, it’s usually done way faster, but you should definitely apply way in advance to avoid unnecessary stress. 

The Fastest Way to Make the Photo Compliant

A visa photo must meet the Canadian official requirements. It’s hard to avoid mistakes when editing things manually. Especially if you have no experience in the matter. Thus it’s best to choose an online photo editor to implement the necessary changes.

Take the photo at home, upload the image to the online tool and choose your country and purpose of the ID. The software will automatically crop the image to meet every specification. As a result you get a digital image and a template of four. Attach it to your online application or use it for printing. Such services have great experience and are certified, which ensures a 100% acceptance rate. 

Application process to get into a school in Canada isn’t that difficult. It does require your undivided attention and precision though, just as the actual studying process would. You should apply at at least 3 schools of your main choice and have 5 or so backups. Then if you get accepted, not much is left till your dreams start coming true: just pull the documents together and obtain a visa. Canadian diplomas are highly recognized around the world and you should land your first job in no time after graduation.


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