How to Easily Organize your Contacts


Those people who network and yearn to expand their brands understand how contacts can make or break deals. Irrespective of your status, position, or role, you probably have diverse contacts on your phone. Whether it is family, friends, clients, or workmates, you don’t want to get messy with your contacts. You spend more time and energy curating target contacts with a disorganized contact list. This is not desirable and can slow the way you connect and network with people. If you want to organize your contacts, this article gives you the perfect tips.

Create Labels

If you have a pool of contacts, it is super-easy if you categorize them into labels. This way, you can only curate from given labels other than the entire contact list. For example, if you are looking for your workmate’s contact, you simply search in the workmates’ labels. This makes it easier and faster to find the target contacts.

Merge or Delete Duplicate Contacts

Dealing with a huge database of contacts is not short of mishaps. One of them is duplicate or unneeded contacts. These contacts make your contact list bulge and give you a hard time curating them. Merge separate details that belong to the same contact or delete duplicated contacts. Syncing services like Gmail could cause duplicates. Getting rid of duplicate contacts create more space and improves the processing. 

Select one Destination to Save all your Contacts

With the boom in cloud storage, many people are placing their cards on multiple storage platforms. While this sounds like a great backup plan, the crux of the matter is that you might end up with several duplicate contacts. The negatives of duplicate contacts are well documented, and you might not want to go in that direction. To avert the mayhem, it is recommended that you pick a suitable storage platform, say iCloud, and sync all your contacts there.

Use a dedicated Contact Management App

While there are several ways to manage your contacts, none comes closer to a dedicated contact management tool. Such tools offer specially-designed features for contact management across diverse devices. However, finding the right one can be a tough task. Fortunately, Covve, the best contact address management tool, is here for you. With smart reminders, call notes, and networking features, you won’t need a better contact management solution than Covve. 

Final Thoughts

Want to take your contacts management to the next level? The Covve App will get you organized and make sure you stay in touch with your network. With smart reminders to get in touch and easy tools to keep notes on each person, you’ll never mess up your CRM game! 

Get your very own personal CRM, download Covve today.


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