How to Check the Mileage of a Car from Europe

How to check the mileage of a car from Europe

Buying a used car in Europe is a great opportunity to transfer to a vehicle in good technical condition, with excellent performance, and at the same time save money. About what attracts cars with European registration, how to check the mileage of a car from Europe – in our article.

Why buying a car in Europe remains relevant

If somewhere, cars are sold because of their unsatisfactory technical condition, then in Europe they most often do this in the desire to become the owner of a new model. That is why you have every chance to become the owner of a car that is externally and technically in perfect condition. This is one of the main reasons for the popularity of European used cars. There are others:

  • Price. Even with many overhead costs, including the auction commission, customs duties, transportation costs, etc., buying a car in Europe is cheaper than at home.
  • Technical condition. The most popular cars in the secondary market are those that served the previous owner for 4–5 years. Their cost is low, and the technical condition is close to ideal. This is possible due to quality roads, fuel, regular maintenance, and, depending on the geographical location of the country, favorable climatic conditions.
  • Range. The choice of cars in the European secondary market is really great. Here you can buy a car of almost any brand, model, and configuration.
  • Equipment. This is another reason for the popularity of European cars. For each country, automakers offer their set of options, and often European drivers find themselves in more favorable conditions since they are consumers of the domestic market.

How to check car mileage: all options

How to check car mileage

Firstly, try to match the mileage that is listed in the ad with the technical condition of the car. Occasionally, a visual inspection is enough for this, but the error, in this case, can be huge. For this, a comprehensive assessment was carried out. For example, the safety of the finishing materials of the steering wheel is checked. With regular use of the car, scuffs on the steering wheel may appear already at 30,000 km. True, sometimes even after 200,000 km the steering wheel looks like new.

Next, pay attention to the hood and bumper. Under the oncoming wind, they are under a massive load. Crushed stone, grains of sand, insects – these are just a small part of what the appearance of the hood and bumper can suffer from. A car with a mileage of 2000 km will definitely have microchips on them. It is worth running your hand over the paintwork, and you will feel how rough its surface has become in just a couple of thousand kilometers.

If the car is not new, and there are no chips on the bumper and hood, then they were painted. Occasionally, this is done during presales to hide the real age of the car. The pedals of the car are subjected to study. Their wear and tear may also indicate a long-term operation of the machine. But not everything is so simple here, either. For example, when driving on the autobahn, the pedals are used little, and in this case, the pedals, even after a long run, may look like new.

The most reliable and fastest way to check the real mileage of a car is to study its history by the VIN code. Checking a car from Europe by VIN Code is performed using a special service. In addition to checking the odometer readings for a certain date, you can find out from the report whether there have been any interventions in the operation of the device. You will also have access to the following information:

  • status (the presence of restrictions on the operation of the car);
  • insured events;
  • participation in traffic accidents (helps to identify hidden defects and damage);
  • equipment (initial equipment and its changes during operation);
  • the number of owners;
  • operating conditions of the car (for example, in cargo and passenger transportation).

Free and paid versions of the reports are available in the online VIN check service. The paid report contains extended information from many sources, after analyzing which it is possible to conclude the advisability of buying a car.

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