How to Build Lead Generation as a New Agent?

lead generation

It is not always easy to find potential insurance customers, no matter how seasoned an insurance agent you are. But it is not impossible. Studying the market well is the first step to becoming a successful agent in the locality. Additionally, lit is also essential to build a certain approach that will help you stand out in the crowd. In the beginning, it is quite likely for you to be all confused ad puzzled, but having a solid plan will certainly help you make big in the insurance industry. 

Know how to make a difference 

Below are a few simple approaches to generate leads for agents, using which you can broaden your reach and find new insurance customers.

  • Request for referrals 

No other lead can beat a happy client’s referral. And regrettably, it is hard to get references, especially when you are new to the industry and your clientele is small. However, there is no rule that all references must be from clients. You can request a meeting with potential customers through family members, friends, and others. These are the people who trust you already and would not hesitate to recommend you. 

When it comes to receiving dreaded calls for cancellation, you can still let them know that you are available for them. You can potentially consider this part of your job as a way to improve. 

  • Play an active role as a community member 

Among others, you can consider volunteering a great way to build your character as someone who gets committed and caring towards the community. At the same time, you can also demonstrate all that the insurance industry promises to its clients. As a conscious member, you can:

  • Provide advice on insurance policies purchased by local charities.
  • Offer to host seminars and workshops for business owners.
  • Offer to speak at small business conventions.
  • Assist customer’s relatives or friends when needed.

But while you are at it, it is also essential to avoid treating such events as sales talk, no matter how tempting it may get. Albeit, your ultimate goal is to bring demand generation through these events. The genuineness you bring forward will help you leave a mark with people, and in turn, bring potential prospects to you when they require your services.  

  • Go Traditional 

A few unfortunate things have made getting insurance leads traditionally a bit difficult, including privacy laws and spam folders. However, there are a few old schools that can still work to date. 

  • Check the local newspaper. 
  • Offer gift certificates to winners. 
  • Opt for print advertisements.

While you also utilize traditional methods of generating leads, do not let your head wander from newer methods. Your webpage can become a tool for generating leads. You can introduce new features like newsletters, which seek contact information. However, you must also include other elements like: 

  • Each page should have contact forms. 
  • Enhance credibility by including testimonials. 
  • Highlight your contact details.

Along with these, social media can help you garner leads. It is primarily an untapped resource that can help new agents to find potential clients and grow their clientele. 

  • Build your network and use it 

There are plenty of people in need of insurance, but you have to hunt for them. It will help if you contact these people. 

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