How To Break Into The Tech Industry


Whether you’re fresh out of university or are simply considering a career change, you’re not the only one that’s contemplating a fruitful career in tech. Renowned for high salaries, flexible hours and a plethora of jobs, it’s no surprise that employees are looking to skill up and make the move to tech.

So, how do you break into the tech industry? Read on to find out.

1. Recognise your outsider advantage

If you’re looking to make the move into tech but you’re not up to speed with coding, that doesn’t mean you can’t work in the industry. Many tech companies are interested in hiring people that don’t have backgrounds in tech. Especially for roles in sales, a different background can bring a new, fresh perspective to the company.

Andrew Drow, WellPCB

2. Be prepared to learn and educate yourself

The tech industry is now worth £540bn in the UK, but that doesn’t mean getting a job in tech is easy. If you can start by asking someone who works in the industry what skills they think would be beneficial. Then, get to work learning! By using online resources, podcasts, and courses, you can quickly get up to speed about tech. Take note of podcasts while listening to them to accelerate your learning process!

If you’re looking to go down the tech route, it’s also helpful to learn new skills such as coding. If you’re not sure where to start, you can learn how to code with the help of Arduino boards.

John Webster, Mumeemagic

3. Find a mentor

Like anything, having someone on hand that’s done it all before is invaluable. Non-judgmental mentors can help you secure your dream job by offering you mock interview feedback and inside tips. Although you may have your work cut out finding one, when you do, it’ll be worth it.

Amelia, Stream Digitally

4. Find tools and training online

As tech is a relatively young industry, it’s easy to find free resources online. By using platforms such as Codeacademy and HackerRank, you can get started at your own pace, without being tied into long-term courses.

Andrew Griffith, Garden Furniture

5. Emphasise your current skills and experience

Just because you may not work in tech now, that doesn’t mean you don’t have valuable transferrable skills. If you’re looking to secure a job in tech, it’s important to think about the experience you do have and how it could stand you out from the crowd. As the tech industry is ever-evolving, a lack of experience isn’t the be-all and end-all!

Jar Kuznecov, Water Softeners Hub

Lastly, try reaching out to companies directly. When you’re looking at a company’s website, see if they have any contact information listed and reach out to them. You never know when they might have a position opening up that would fit your skill set!

Nurse Beth, Nurse Code

In conclusion…

If you’re one of the many workers that have lost interest in their current role, a move to tech is within striking distance. By spending the time to upskill and apply yourself, you’ll be joining one of the highest-paid industries in no time.


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