How to Become a Leader in e-Mobility Software Companies? Tips and Insights from Solidstudio’s Success Story


By Paweł Małkowiak

Want to lead the way in successful e-mobility software companies? Solidstudio’s story is a great source of tips and insights for anyone wanting to become an industry leader.

Software is fuelling the growth of sustainable transport solutions. One business, a leader in e-mobility innovation and success, is at the forefront of this exciting progress. Meet Solistudio, a rapidly growing software company that designs for e-mobility industries. Paweł Małkowiak, CEO of Solidstudio, will be discussing the success behind its amazing five year growth spurt. Be sure to tune in and find out how this innovative business went from small upstart to major player so quickly!

The e-mobility industry is undergoing a revolutionary shift – one that demands both agility and strategy from business owners. To become the pioneers, leaders of this booming space must identify their competitive advantages by focusing on sustainable growth and unique market niches rather than just chasing every new technology or trend in sight. Solidstudio’s history serves as an informative example for how these tactics can be used to ensure success within the ever changing landscape of the e-mobility sector – something all businesses should strive towards mastering!

Meet Solidstudio and nearly 100% yearly sales increase in e-mobility industry

We wouldn’t make any comments on this subject, without using Solidstudio’s actual financial data. We have increased our income by 92,9% year over year. Below you can can see some other 2022 highlights: AGR – 92,9% EBIT – 22,8% EBITDA – 23,89% ROS – 19,49% With these figures, our company is well-positioned for future development.

With these figures, our company is well-positioned for future development.

What factors effect on our growth?

Every entrepreneur knows the Pareto Principle. Only 20% of acts account for 80% of success. Which is why, we have chosen only 5 important variables that, in our opinion, have contributed the most to our development. Here they are:

  • 5 advanced digital solutions for the ecosystem of e-mobility. We have created and develop niche products that allow us to provide the best solutions. Our customers use: OCPP Gateway, OCPI Gateway, Whitelabel EMSP app, API-first EMSP app, Virtual Charging Point, and CPO platform.
  • Several countries’ worth of charging stations are managed by our software.
  • A tool for comparing the SaaS and license business models (available online, free to use for everyone).
  • Participation in conferences held all around the world (including Berlin, Amsterdam, Budapest, Oslo, and Stockholm).
  • Great teamwork and work ethic.

What can we learn from our development?

What lessons are to be learnt after tremendous growth, with so much room for error along the way?

Solid team. A culture-based company is not a fiction. It is essential, particularly in the remote work era, when employees are more conscious of their duties and rights. We brought on 18 new employees in 2022, including account managers, visual and UX designers, software developers, and recruiters. We are preparing for the company’s future growth this year.

Client-dialogue approach. We can customize solutions based on the conversation and the actual demands of our customers. We decided to share this information with others by presenting case studies of some of the 2022 cooperation and their outcomes.

One of our objectives is to support businesses of all sizes. We were equally pleased to participate in all the enterprises and learn about all the various demands and requirements, from small startups in South Africa to large companies with a strong European industry presence. Like the ones for Zimi (a South African business) and Zeemcoin (a Spanish company that blends blockchain technology and the eMobility ecosystem). Using this strategy, we may thoroughly understand the market at all stages of the business’ growth.

Initiatives. You must take initiative in the expanding sector. There is no other option to build your plan on past experiences. Being at the forefront of this wave is crucial for businesses because those that can adapt quickly for changes will succeed.

Are you looking to take your emobility venture to the next level? Power up and explore new opportunities in this ever-evolving industry!

Solidstudio’s success in the booming world of e-mobility has been nothing short of impressive – boasting a 100% revenue growth year on year. As our financial data demonstrates, we’ve managed to stay ahead by staying agile and flexible every step along this exciting journey. With strategic plans targeting sustainable expansion as well as novel ideas for development, it appears that our commitment towards continued progress is paying off!

I encourage you to follow these tips from Solidstudio, so that your business can grow alongside ours as well. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. Good luck!

About the Author

Author - Pawel (1)Paweł Małkowiak is the Co-founder & CEO of Solidstudio. After founding Solidstudio, Pawel was an originator in terms of pursuing expertise in eMobility. With the build-up of a solid knowledge-base on industrys needs & wants, he now keeps a close eye on productsdevelopment. Hes also hugely responsible for the businessside and designs the business models for our products.


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