How the Clear Aligner Industry has Evolved Over The Years

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In the United States, the clear aligner market is valued at over $3 billion, and it is expected to keep growing for the next decade. It is clear that this industry is still growing and evolving, leading to many different advancements. 

Thanks to the ever-growing nature of the clear aligner industry, the way in which this orthodontic treatment now has completely changed for the better. With time comes technological advancements, economic changes, and financial advancements, all of which have shaped the clear aligner industry. 

This article will break down some of the key advancements made in the field of dentistry with clear aligners and the way people go about treating the physical appearance of their teeth. 

More Clear Aligner Options

When the industry started out, there were only a few select options for clear aligners, mostly Invisalign, a brand of invisible aligners that are still popular to this day. But, as the industry gained popularity, a variety of different clear aligner options started to be available to the public at large. 

With so many different options, it might be overwhelming for individuals to choose the correct type of clear aligner for their specific needs and wants. With so many different options to choose from, this resource can help individuals with the tough choice of picking the correct clear aligner. 

Aligning Teeth From Home 

The clear aligner industry has developed in such a way that people are able to straighten their teeth in a quick and efficient manner from the comfort of their homes. At home, straightening kits are extremely convenient for those who might not have the time to visit the dentist for their teeth straightening needs. 

Trusted Option By Consumers

The clear aligner industry has garnered so much trust from consumers all over the country and the world. With many websites and articles reviewing clear aligners, consumers have easy access to seeing the public’s true opinions on the specific clear aligner.

With so many successful stories, clear aligners have been shown to be highly effective, making them much more trusted by those looking for a simpler and less painful teeth-straightening experience. 

More Interest From a Younger Audience

Initially, clear aligners were directed towards adults. Reports found that adults were the main target audience, as they had less time for regular orthodontist appointments and they found it difficult to wear clear aligners. 

But in recent years, there has been a higher demand from a younger audience who see clear aligners as a way to boost confidence and to improve the quality of one’s teeth in a shorter amount of time. 

Technological Advancements

As the years go by, technology improves and advances in incredible ways. Orthodontic technology is becoming much more widespread and easier to access all over the country. 

Thanks to the availability of 3D scans, and intraoral scanners, it is extremely easy to capture digital images and scan somebody’s gums and teeth. With 3D printing, the clear aligner industry is growing and expanding at a rapid rate. 

New technology is making the clear aligners much more personal, creating a better and more trustworthy experience for consumers. 

Global Market Share Increase 

With great popularity comes a greater increase in revenue. The global market share of the clear aligner industry has significantly increased, generating billions of dollars worth of revenue. Millions of people have access to clear aligners, which gives the opportunity for the industry to expand easily and successfully. 


With so many different advancements, clear aligners have successfully evolved to be effective and popular, used by so many people. Clear aligners give adults the opportunity to get the smile they have always wanted in a convenient manner and faster manner than braces. 

From a greater selection of options, more ways to straighten teeth from home, to greater interest from s younger audience and an increased market share, clear aligners are not going anywhere for a very long time.

The future looks very bright and promising for the field of dentistry thanks to the key developments of clear aligners and the benefits and opportunities they provide to those who are looking for a much more convenient and faster solution when it comes to teeth straightening. 


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