How Small Manufacturers Leverage Tech to Boost Productivity

The advancements in modern technology brought about several innovative solutions that allowed manufacturers to make their processes more seamless and increase their efficiency. This can be attributed to the fact that these technological solutions increased the productivity of their workers. In line with this, below are some of the ways how small manufacturers leverage these high-tech applications to boost productivity.


MES for Transparency

One of the technological solutions that small manufacturers utilize to improve their productivity is MES. MES stands for Manufacturing Execution System, and the primary objective of this system is to provide traceability to increase the quality of the products being manufactured. When production staff can easily retrieve information about a certain product that they have produced, then they will immediately identify whether there are issues with the product, even before this is shipped out and delivered to the customer. As a result, the plant can guarantee that only high-quality products reach their customers.


Cloud Storage Solution for Data Safekeeping

Another tech that small manufacturers leverage to boost productivity is cloud storage solutions. With this technological solution, anyone who has the authority to access the system can easily store and retrieve information about the products and processes of the manufacturing plant. Aside from this, data is readily available whenever needed. In this case, a cloud storage solution eliminates the need for physical hardware storage solutions that are prone to damage, mishandling, as well as natural wear and tear, which further leads to process disruptions when data becomes unavailable.


Digital Messaging Systems for Collaboration

Small manufacturers that leverage digital messaging systems boost their productivity because these tools allow collaboration between staff and employees that are physically apart. For instance, through a digital messaging system, a production operator working in a late-night shift can effortlessly get in touch with an engineer in case an issue occurred on the production machine. In turn, the engineer can provide instructions to the operator regarding the things that the latter need to do to get the machine going, even if the engineer doesn’t set foot on the plant. This significantly eliminates disruptions and ensures that manufacturing processes are running to deliver products according to schedule.


Project Management Systems for Organization

Small manufacturers now leverage project management systems to stay organized and on top of their projects that aim to optimize their production operations. With a project management system, project leads can allocate tasks to their team members and set a specific timeframe for completion. They also can monitor and track the progress of each member with their assigned tasks and address roadblocks promptly. Because of this, optimization projects on the manufacturing floor are implemented seamlessly.

To wrap things up, the means listed above are only some of the ways how small manufacturers leverage tech to boost productivity in their plants or production sites. There are several other ways in how technological solutions can further enhance the efficiency of production processes. The key is in using the appropriate tech that will suit the needs of your manufacturing plant or business.


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