How much Mbps will be sufficient for students?

No matter how good and fiery fast broadband speeds may sound, there might not be any necessity for it yet people tend to choose the best internet speed if they can have access to it.  And why anyone should pay an enormous amount if it’s not needed. You wouldn’t wish to have a plan which makes managing schoolwork difficult and a slow internet connection will certainly be troublesome for finishing off projects in time. The ultimate goal is to find a way that lets us have access to a great speed without it charging a lot of money. 

Internet became even more important in 2020, during the series of lockdowns due to the global pandemic till now when distance learning and online education is the only practical option for keeping the momentum of education going. The Internet has been the only source of education in such crucial times, though it was always a significant tool in acquiring education since its evolution. However, with time and now an unexpected lifesaver for several industries. Internet deals get even sweeter when we combine them with cable TV services that are now available for streaming as well such as Spectrum TV silver.

But why is high upload speed required oftentimes with high download speed? The reason is that high download speeds facilitate streaming videos and lectures without buffering. Moreover, high upload speeds make submitting work to one’s schools’ portal and engaging in online lectures possible. Also, we can take online exams and QA sessions with ease. 

It is unreasonable to select a plan with a data cap, keeping in mind that a large number of students are depending on their internet connections to achieve their goals. The good part of it is that you could find local internet providers providing no-cap plans, later select it and stream as long as you want. The plan with the leading cap will help you the most if you’re sharing a plan with roommates’ and the only ISPs in the region have data caps. It would be this situation or experiencing a restricted speed for the rest of the month or till the time you pay an additional amount for having extra data. 

Do the math

Some common download speed necessities depending on the everyday online activities which include checking email and browsing the web require about 1 to 5 Mbps minimum. For streaming HD content you’d need around 15 to 25 Mbps minimum. While streaming 4K content and playing online games about 40 to 100 Mbps would do the job. You should also check which provider has special deals for students and if your ISP is offering any discounts due to COVID-19. By the school year 2018, reports suggested that broadband schools must aim for, based on their size that can vary from 0.7 – 1.5 Mbps of bandwidth each user and increasing this now up to 4.3 Mbps each user by the 2020-21 school year.

Table for more clarity

Download Speed What can you do # of connected devices/users
5 Mbps research, Online browsing, email 1 to 2
25 Mbps basic Wi-Fi, Large-file downloading, business communication 3 – 5
75 Mbps frequent file sharing, Video streaming, numerous POS transactions 5 – 10
150 Mbps video conferencing, Frequent cloud computing,  data backups 10 – 15
250 Mbps seamless streaming, Server hosting, and conferencing 15 – 20
500 Mbps constant cloud-based computing, Multiple-server hosting, heavy online backups 20 – 30
1 Gbps (1,000 Mbps) Extreme-speed functioning for enterprise-ready workplaces with almost-zero pauses Over 30

Final Thoughts

You should search for internet providers providing economical plans, despite your parents contribute to meet the expense of your broadband. You may go over the top and spend on things that aren’t essential just because you got tempted due to the marketing strategies. You would make to sign an agreement by internet providers committing for 12 to 24 months, which isn’t likely to be feasible if going home for summertime is your intent.  If you call off the contract before the minimum term is completed, you will have to pay some amount in the name of the cancellation fee. If you will be canceling it yearly when it’s time to go home, it will put a dent in your budget. If you intend to share a plan, while researching ISPs, look for no-contract broadband plans having sufficient bandwidth for multiple users. A plan with a 30-day recoverable commitment is going to be the incoming good prospect. 

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