How Long Does a Portable Solar Power Station Last? Essential Maintenance Tips

portable solar power station

Any device that you buy, you expect it to last for a long time. Although it is natural for a customer to expect a long lifespan from devices. Generally, the lifespan of a device depends on how well it is maintained besides, the quality of the equipment. Interestingly, we tend to care for a new device more than an old device and yet the expectation about its lifespan remains the same. So, if you are someone who is planning to buy a portable solar power station and is not sure about its durability, then here you can get all the details that you need to form a good idea about it. Plus, you can also find some of the best professional maintenance tips about the same so that you can extend the generator’s life.

We understand that a portable solar power station is generally not meant to stay at home, and is designed to travel with you wherever you go. So, whether you go for a mini trip, hiking or trekking, you tend to worry about your portable generator and wonder whether it will be able to endure the harsh conditions. So, without further ado let’s resolve your concern.

Understanding the Lifespan of Portable Solar Power Station

In recent times, solar power generators have gained huge popularity because of their multifold benefits over traditional generators. From easy handling, and free energy usage, to minimising carbon emissions, these have made solar generators more popular and convenient than their earlier versions.

The lifespan of portable solar generators relies on a few factors such as the quality of its individual components, their ruggedness, plus the specified lifespan of the parts. A modern portable generator is made up of several parts and thus, every component contributes to the lifespan of the entire generator in its own way. So, let’s here walk you through some of the important factors of a portable solar generator that will help you to determine the lifespan of the power station.

  • Solar Panels

While some generators come with attached solar panels, for some others you have to purchase them separately. Generally, solar panels are made in such a way that they can last more than twenty-five years. So, besides the risk of mishandling them, there are no other additional risks that they will degrade in quality over time. Furthermore, these emission-free power sources also do not require any extra maintenance besides cleaning them regularly.

  • Battery

One of the main components of a generator is its battery. It is well known also, that these batteries take up a considerable amount of weight and volume. It is important to note that batteries are chemical devices and they come with a disadvantage of a limited life. So, it is wise to buy a solar generator that has great capacity plus long life.

  • Electronics and Wiring

Different types of solar generators come with different features. However, notably, some of them are equipped with major fundamental components and many wires. These wires are soldered to different parts such as the PCB or Printed Circuit Board, rectifier and inverter. So, when you buy a solar-powered generator your foremost task is to check the quality of these parts. However, for most of the generator’s lifetime, if these parts are not exposed to external damage, then they are built to offer flawless service for many years.

Top Maintenance Tips

With the help of continuous technological innovations, portable solar power stations today have come a long way. Solar generators from top brands generally offer 800 cycle life and 80%+ capacity, plus also have the ability to simultaneously run several heavy-duty appliances such as fridges, TV, etc. Moreover, they are portable and easy to carry around. So, to get the most out of a portable power station, you need to take care of it. Here are some top tips that you can follow.

  • Avoid water

Some portable generator models may claim that they are waterproof. However, this mostly implies that the case used is water-resistant. You must know that even the most reliable generator has an upper limit to which they can be exposed to water. Generally, the advantage of waterproof generators is that they are safe to water splash or an accidental slip in the water puddle. However, this doesn’t mean that you can stay carefree when your generator is close to the water and let the water come in contact with it just because it is “waterproof”, as this can cause irreparable damage to the generator.

  • Never store it fully charged

You might be tempted to store your generator’s battery with full charge when you are not using it. However, if you want to ensure the longevity of the battery and so that they give you a prolonged period of awesome service,  make sure to store them with a 30% to 50% charge. This is because batteries are prone to leakage during storage and that is the last thing you want to see happening to your generator.

  • Charge it periodically

It makes sense that your portable generator needs to stay in storage for a long period when you don’t take trips or go trekking or camping etc. However, you should not forget to charge it often, this is because, without a proper charging schedule, the battery liquid can go dry and lead to the death of the battery. So to ensure that your generator’s battery is working at its optimal best charge it every three to six months.

  • Conduct periodical inspection

To ensure that your portable solar power station is fine even if it is in storage for a long period of time, make sure to conduct a periodical inspection. You can conduct it yourself after going through the user manual thoroughly or consulting experts.

Portable solar-powered generators are made with great care by top brands. Thus, you can have a great experience if you invest in one, moreover, now that you know how long it can last you can stay worry-free. Also, since maintenance is a crucial factor behind extending its life span you can follow the above-mentioned points.


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