How Indonesian Proxies Work and Why They are Needed


When using mobile or home Internet, your PC (smartphone) is assigned an identifier –  IP address, which is easy to trace any user. For example, you can find out your location, the name of the Internet provider, and even personal data, up to the last name. In this case, anonymity on the Web is out of the question. If you want to avoid total surveillance on the Internet, we recommend using Indonesia web proxy.

In today’s article, you will learn what a proxy is, what are the principles of proxy operation, their features, types and selection criteria.

What is a proxy and how does it work?

We all use the Internet, whether at home or mobile. Each time you connect to the network, our device is assigned an individual address (IP — the identifier of a computer network node). It can be dynamic or static. By IP address, you can track any user. Find out which provider he uses, from which city, everything down to the last name and phone number. Of course, some of this information is confidential and can only be provided at the request of the relevant authorities.

To hide your IP, you need to rent (buy) a third-party one. It is called a proxy. The servers on which the proxy is located are called a proxy server. Proxies can also be regular or mobile. Later we will tell you about their differences.

If we talk about the origin of the word, then it came to us from the English language. The literal translation of “proxy” is authority, trusted person. Sometimes used as an intermediary.

It turns out that a proxy server is an intermediary that helps users to ensure anonymity on the Internet. In Internet marketing, proxies have a different use. They are used in programs and online services for parsing, mailing, and simulation.

In a simplified form, the proxy scheme looks something like this: your PC (or any other device) connects to a proxy server – receives an anonymous IP address — goes online.

That is, if you bought a proxy in Indonesia, the network will see you as a user from Indonesia, not from the country where you are.

Why do we need Indonesian proxies?

Proxies can be used for personal and professional purposes.

For personal purposes, it is meant to be used by an ordinary user. It can be used to view sites prohibited in the territory of any country.

In such situations, proxies come to the rescue. You just need to purchase a proxy with localization in the country where the service or site is working properly. It is the Indonesian proxy that can help with it.

For professional purposes, proxies are used for mass actions. Where thousands of requests can be made from the same IP. In this case, the IP may be blocked, they will be asked to enter a captcha or temporarily restrict access.

Where it is used:

  • work with social networks;
  • mass registration of accounts in social networks;
  • data parsing – when you need to collect and process a large amount of data;
  • traffic arbitration – to work not with one advertising account, but with several at once;
  • software.

Many programs for promotion and work with data, configure integration with proxy to make your service more user-friendly.

An example of working with and without a proxy

No proxy. A person registers in the Instagram online promotion service, adds an account to it, and immediately starts tasks for mass liking and mass following. The account works from a common proxy, from which thousands of accounts simultaneously perform the same actions. Most likely, in a few hours, the account will be blocked.

With proxy. A person installed the program and bought private mobile proxies. He connected and configured them. After that, he launched similar tasks on the social network. In this case, the social network sees that the real user himself performs all actions from the phone and the risk of blocking is close to zero, the main thing is not to violate the limits.

In the same way, you can use proxies in browsers, social networks, and messengers.

Where to get a proxy?

There are only 2 sources of proxy: free and paid.

Using free proxies comes with certain risks and limitations.

First, it is the speed. Free proxies are often very slow because they are public and can be used by different people at the same time.

Second, it’s a lifetime. If you need a proxy once a year to see who’s friends on LinkedIn, you can also use a free proxy. But if you’re going to use them all the time, it’s easier to pay. Since free proxies work today, they won’t work tomorrow, and you need to spend time looking for them.

Third, if you use free proxies, then their owner is not burdened with obligations to you, and has access to all data sent back and forth, and this is access to everything.

At the same time, if you value your time, then it is better to use paid proxies. By purchasing a proxy from us, you not only get one of the best products in terms of price and quality, but also proper service, as well as responsive technical support.

How to use a proxy?

To start using a proxy, follow these steps:

  • determine the purpose of the  proxy and the type of proxy that is needed;
  • learn how to connect a proxy to your software, application or device from which you will be browsing the Internet;
  • buy proxy;
  • set up and connect proxy.

It is not difficult to use a proxy. It is enough to determine the purpose of application to make sure that the proxy type is selected correctly. Then read the technical documentation, that is, find out exactly how to connect a proxy to your phone or computer. After that, buy the necessary proxies and configure them.

Private paid proxies are the choice for those who value their comfort and who need stable performance. In this case, only you use the proxy, so the risk of blocking is minimized, and the speed is maximized. In addition, you have the opportunity to customize the proxy to suit your needs by setting caching and the response time you need.

When choosing a proxy, we advise you to give preference to the paid product from the Soax service, which has established itself as a reliable provider with the best combination of price and quality. Here you will find a large selection of relatively inexpensive mobile, IPv4 / IPv6, as well as 24-hour  technical support. The speed of our proxies will pleasantly surprise you: no drops and high ping.


Sooner or later, all modern users face the problem of gaining access to a blocked Internet resource. It can be solved in different ways, however, Indonesian proxies are considered to be one of the most effective options.


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