How iGaming Is Still on The Rise in New Zealand

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People in New Zealand are increasingly spending their time playing online games thanks to more mobile devices in general use alongside the growth in gaming apps that are mobile-friendly.

Two other factors that come into the equation are the increase in video game developers from New Zealand and the higher numbers of international casino operators who are now marketing their sites to the NZ audience.

Casino And Video Gaming In NZ

There are two primary categories that online gaming falls into – casino gaming and video gaming. Both are increasing in NZ. Although many kinds of gambling have been made legal for Kiwis, no domestic casinos are permitted to operate.

Nevertheless, New Zealanders can legally access casino platforms run by international operators, and now that knowledge of this is becoming widespread, the number of Kiwis going online to try their hand at iGaming is going up.

The current iGaming situation in NZ is something that many offshore operators are now taking advantage of, with increasing numbers of international casinos now targeting marketing towards Kiwi punters, and new online casinos launching on a regular basis.

These international operators are attracting New Zealand players by offering New Zealand dollars as one of their currency options, and by providing other payment methods that are preferred by Kiwis.

Furthermore, international casinos are now frequently providing customer services to New Zealand players via toll-free numbers with NZ codes. Casumo is an online casino in NZ that is currently taking advantage of the increased interest in signing up for international casino services, and it has already seen an enormous amount of registrations from Kiwis who are interested in placing wagers.

New Zealand Game Development Is on The Rise

One of the reasons why iGaming is on the rise in NZ is the burgeoning nature of the New Zealand game development industry. Many homegrown game creators are now making headway in the sector, with video gaming lying at the heart of economic recovery as we exit the Covid pandemic.

The New Zealand government has invested heavily in support for young gaming entrepreneurs and new gaming enterprises, and this move is encouraging more Kiwis to go online and play.

Mobile Optimisation Is at The Forefront

More people in New Zealand than ever before are adopting smartphone usage and this, too, has a role to play in the country’s booming iGaming industry. Mobile gaming allows players to enjoy their favourite titles whenever and wherever they wish.

New technologies have led to continual improvements in the latest gaming phones too, with new models being regularly launched that foster even better game playing experiences.

Operators are also increasingly recognising the recent trend for playing games on smartphones and tablets, and, in turn, they have developed mobile applications that allow easy access to gaming content for customers via iOS or Android devices.

Thanks to mobile-optimised platforms, New Zealand iGaming is seeing an incredible rise as it becomes simpler, faster, and more fun to play top titles online.

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