How Does Corporate Housing Make Your Travel Comfortable?


Travelling can be fun, especially if going to a new destination. It doesn’t matter whether you’re doing it for business or leisure. The chance to see and experience life outside of what is normal to you is pretty exciting.

Yet, traveling does come with some challenges. One of the most significant is ensuring you have proper accommodation. Over 1.4 billion people travel every single year for tourism purposes. Now, imagine that does not include those who do so for work or medical purposes.

Living in a good hotel for an extended stay can be pretty expensive. During peak seasons, even finding space can be tough. A practical solution lies in corporate housing. We will uncover what it is and how it can make your travel more comfortable.

Understanding Corporate Housing

The aim of corporate housing was to provide short-term rentals to business travelers. But, over time, it has evolved to offer the same for anyone requiring the use of such. Leasing agreements fall anywhere from a week to even beyond a year if you so wish.

So what makes such accommodations so ideal for travelers?

1. A Home Away From Home

Say that you are traveling with colleagues to Boston for a one-month work stay. And the thought of staying in a hotel fills you with some dread. You are never quite able to shake the ‘hotel feel’ no matter how excellent the facilities are.

A chance browsing session lands you on a site for corporate apartments in Boston. A casual look shows you some interesting things. The most significant is how comfortable and home-like the suites are. They feature equipped kitchens, stylish furnishing, a gym, and more. It also doesn’t hurt that there is full-time housekeeping.

That home away from home look and feel is one of the bestselling points for corporate housing. Many of the furnished corporate housing apartments are in residential areas. This is unlike hotels that tend to favor high-traffic areas.

Yet, the corporate suites are never far from social amenities or business centers. Indeed booking into such establishments mimics what happens in your daily life. You wake up in a residential setting and drive or commute to work.

At the end of the day, you leave the hustle and bustle of the city behind for a peaceful evening in a quiet neighborhood.

2. Flexible Leasing Agreements

You may need to extend or shorten your stay for whatever reason. It is not always possible to know what will happen, especially during a corporate trip.

Now, imagine that you traveled during a peak season. If in a hotel, they will expect you to leave as per your agreement when checking in. You may be subject to paying higher rates if you stay on.

With corporate housing, there is comfort in knowing that you have flexibility with the lease terms. You can book your stay for a week, a month or even the whole year. That removes the stress of shuttling back and forth while looking for a place to stay.

3. Fully Serviced and Furnished Apartments

Furnished corporate apartments have everything you need to make your life comfortable. And, it does not mean spending large amounts of cash like you would for a luxury hotel.

Affordable corporate suites are comfortable and ideal for both work and leisure. The facilities have workspaces and internet connectivity. Handling office tasks can continue as usual from the comfort of the apartment. You don’t need to look for office facilities which can be a major inconvenience. The spacious apartments mean your colleagues can join you for meetings too.

4. Family and Pet-Friendly Accommodation

If you have to travel with family, you must ensure everyone is comfortable. Checking into a furnished, serviced corporate suite can help with this. You get to decide the number of bedrooms and extra facilities. Your kids may want to swim or enjoy other facilities. A gym may be a critical factor for you.

Your pet is also an extension of the family. Many hotels do not allow guests to stay with pets in their rooms. That means you have to leave them behind when you travel. 37% of dog owners have foregone a vacation because they could not part with their pet. 10% will try to sneak a pet into the hotel by hiding them in the luggage.

You don’t have to go through all that with corporate housing facilities. Remember, they aim to give an authentic home feeling to guests. That means many will be happy to accommodate your pets as well. Of course, you will want to check out their terms and policies first.

5. Tons of Savings

As we stated, travel can be expensive. Every time you have to dip into your pockets, there is a level of stress. This can severely impact your comfort levels during the trip. You may, for instance, need to book into a budget or low-cost hotel to save.

Now, think about the cost of booking a room large enough to hold a family of, say, four. Or, if you are a business owner, having to pay for accommodation for four staff members.

You see, a family can get away with sharing living quarters. But, the same does not apply to colleagues. In this case, you must book separate rooms for each one of them.

Yet, that’s not all. Other expenses will pop up at the end of their stay. Unless you take full board, every meal they eat goes on your tab.

Corporate housing is less costly. All you need to do is book an apartment that can accommodate everyone. The teams can save good money by cooking their meals and doing their laundry. Even if they have to use the housing staff services, it would not compare to what they would pay at a hotel.

Final Thoughts

Corporate housing provides convenience and a high level of comfort. There are affordable corporate suites that make you feel at home.

The serviced and furnished apartments and access to amenities further increase your comfort. And, to top it all off, there is the cost-saving aspect. 

Take time in choosing the best service providers. Read plenty of customer reviews before making the final decision.


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