How Do You Know What Slots are Progressive?


With hundreds of different slot machine games available in physical and online casinos, it can take time to figure out which games offer a progressive jackpot. Today we will examine how you can establish when a slot machine game has a progressive jackpot instead of a standard jackpot.

Firstly, we will establish what a regular slot machine game is and what a progressive match looks like. Once you can ascertain the difference between the two, you will better know which one is progressive and which isn’t.

What Is A Regular Slot Machine?

A standard slot machine operates the same way as the original slot machine designed over a century ago. Obviously, the technology is much more sophisticated, and you can play more reels with thousands more possibilities.

However, the crux of the game remains the same. You receive the main jackpot when you match a horizontal line with identical symbols.

What Is A Progressive Slot Machine?

A progressive slot will continually add an amount, and in addition to the standard prize, if you manage to win the progressive slot jackpot, you will turbo-charge any prize you win. This has been the main draw for many gamblers looking to land the big prize. To find out more visit

This is the wrong mentality if you want to play progressive slots to earn money. Gambling should only be performed as entertainment, and if you do not set your deposit limits or time limits and find yourself gambling dangerously, speak to somebody who can help you curb your issue.

However, slot machine gaming remains a fun and relaxing way to unwind for millions of players. Therefore, keeping an eye on how much you spend while having fun is crucial to ensure you gamble correctly. If it begins to impact your relationships and friendships, this is also a red flag you mustn’t ignore.

How To Know When Slots Are Progressive

The main thing to look out for when it comes to progressive slot machine games is whether or not there’s an enhanced prize on offer. This can range from a massive jackpot to a progressive amount that starts small and becomes triggered by a particular player after a specific number of spins.

When a slot machine advertises its game, or you are looking to select it on the machine, it will often state that it is either progressive or that there is an enhanced prize that you can potentially win. This is how to know when you are playing a progressive slot machine game instead of a regular slot machine game that won’t provide you with this option.

One thing to be wary of is that regular and popular casino slot machine titles can offer a progressive jackpot variant of their game. So if you are looking to play one or the other, you must decipher which one is which so that you don’t find yourself playing a slot machine title that you didn’t want to in the first place.


Establishing what a progressive jackpot looks like and how the game operates is critical to distinguish one from the other. Many progressive games will have the progressive jackpot amount ticking away in the corner of the reel, so you can view it and see how often somebody wins it.

A regular slot machine game will operate in a standard way and won’t have any sized jackpot other than the one you can win in typical fashion by matching the identical symbols. This is the main difference between the two slot machine games, and you will also find more variety in progressive jackpots as they have different trigger points.

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