How Do You Find A Private Tour Guide?

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Are you planning to visit Rio de Janeiro?

The amazing weather, samba, crystal clear water, hiking, rocky trails, lively music, and the mesmerizing streets of Rio attract tourists to take a holiday to this destination. There are amazing places to visit in the city, and hiring a local guide helps you explore the city better. But choosing a private tour guide like pyramids company can be a task too. You may connect with the hotel to get you one or explore trusted sites like to hire a guide for the tour.

Hiring a personal tour guide:

Planning to go on a vacation and hiring a personal tour guide is the best way to travel in a relaxed manner and enjoy hassle-free vacations. Hiring a personal tour guide will help you customize your daily itinerary and let you explore the amazing places all at your convenience. The private guide is much more than a person showing you a place around the city. You have certain trusted options while choosing your guide. A few options are listed below:

1. Seek help from a Local Tour Guide Association

Big cities across the globe have local guide associations. These associations have a list of registered, licensed tour guides that can be of great help. These organizations are a good source to hire a private tour guide, and you may browse through their websites to search for a guide that suits your interest. It’s good to choose an award-winning tour guide website such as Collins Day Tours. they provide guided bus tours across Ireland.

2. Hire Guides from major tourist attractions

Almost every major tourist spot or museum offer private guided tours. These guides have extensive knowledge about the place. In addition, these guides are fully trained and can customize the tour as per your need. You may even hire these guides for your entire stay as they have in-depth perspectives about the local attractions. For example, if you are planning on a trip to Turkey; you can make use of a luxury tour in Turkey for a guaranteed pleasant experience.

3. Search through referrals or get one through the Hotel Concierge

You may ask for referrals if you have friends who have traveled to the place earlier and have used the services of a private tour guide. If they were satisfied with the services, you might ask for recommendations. You may even post a query on your social media network. You can ask for a trusted guide from the hotel concierge service too as they can recommend some reputed local guides.

4. Choose a tour guide through local websites

You may even search for a private tour guide through the local top-rated websites. Websites like or other similar websites offer trained local guides who can help you visit places as per your interests. In addition, they help you customize the tour as per your needs. These services offer a pick and drop from the hotel and keep you involved the whole day. 


Hiring a local tour guide from a reputed and trusted agency will always work on your safety and customize the tours as per your interests. They organize the day’s itinerary in advance to avoid any hassles. The guides are knowledgeable, professional, and fluent in English. So, go ahead and have a great vacation!


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