How Did Bitcoin Cross the $1 Trillion Milestone?

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The lucrative price fluctuations of Bitcoin-the largest cryptocurrency of today’s time, have always been a hot topic to discuss in the market. Absolutely no one including its creator Satoshi Nakamoto have any idea how Bitcoin yields this many profitable results in such a short span. 

From the CEO of Tesla – Elon Musk to great investors like Barry Silert; every investor is expecting a rise in bitcoin’s value in the upcoming times. On 9 March, 2020, bitcoin crossed a major milestone of $1 trillion surpassing every other cryptocurrency and even gold’s value. 

This achievement of bitcoin became a life-changing moment for investors who had invested huge sums of their money in this volatile-king of assets. It was earlier being traded at $54000 that jumped up to the market capitalization of $1 trillion overnight. 

Reasons How Bitcoin Crossed the $1 Trillion Milestone

No predictions, zero announcements, and absolutely nothing that served as a hint in the market which ultimately surprised many investors with their trading. Yet those who invested it on the same day when it broke the record felt investing in bitcoin was the best decision of their lives. 

With that being said, let’s know more about how bitcoin crossed the $1 trillion milestones?

  • Bitcoin had been showing some major price fluctuations at that time and was expected to have a rise in value anytime soon. 
  • A well-known bank – Bank of New York Mellon had earlier stated that bitcoin’s prices this month would be going to skyrocket but not a lot of people focused on it. 
  • The owner of Tesla – Elon Musk is one of the largest investors of bitcoin and he announced the acceptance of Bitcoin – a widely used digital currency for the payment of his electric cars. 
  • Besides, the increasing value of bitcoin was not hidden from anyone. From novice traders to seasoned investors; everyone had the slightest idea that investing in bitcoin would probably be proved as a win-win situation one day. 
  • Several multinational companies, institutions, and organizations recognized bitcoin as a credible and profitable asset. Plus, they invested huge shares earlier this year. 
  • The extensive purchasing of bitcoin and their interest in buyers all around the globe was the major factor that triggered the crossing of bitcoin up to $1 trillion. 
  • After rejecting the idea of referring to bitcoin as pure digital gold; it caught the attention of many interested in its continuously increasing market capitalization.
  • The market trends and statistics that were given by credible auto trading platforms like also predicted the rise in bitcoin’s value up to $1 trillion. 
  • Bitcoin witnessed a supply rate of 900% this year and is known to have more than half of these coins active and stored in the wallet. This further influenced the elevation in bitcoin’s price to $1 trillion.
  • The largest tradable asset of this year, bitcoin already had dominance over 60% market capitalization out of the over $1.65 worth, representing 1% of the total global economy present at today’s time. 

In light of all these statements, the surpassing of bitcoin to $1 trillion not only surprised many investors but also intrigued them to start investing in Bitcoin rapidly. Understanding Bitcoin market trends may be hard or incomprehensible where platforms like immediate edge come to your rescue and bring profitable prospects for you. This remarkable record of $1 trillion at 15:45 UTC on Friday justified the higher valuation credibility of this powerful digital asset. 


Needless to say, but as discussed that white paper of bitcoin given by Satoshi Nakomoto had bitcoin’s value up to some cents and now it has reached the market capitalization of $1 trillion, which is huge. This sudden spike in price and interest for bitcoin also convinced investors to buy them regardless of how expensive rates the traders were selling them at. 

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