How Can the Card Counting Technique Increase the Chances of Winning?

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Players in online casinos have always been trying to come up with winning strategies that would bring them significant winnings. Blackjack is popular among players due to the fact that you can get a real mathematical advantage over the casino. Players can calculate the entire game, which increases their chance of winning. Several systems are used for this. They differ in the principle of counting and complexity. In the following article, we will mainly talk about the card counting techniques, however, it needs to be mentioned that no strategy can guarantee profits every time you try it.

Counting cards in blackjack

Here are some of the most popular card counting techniques used by players that can increase the chances of winning:


The easiest technique to understand how to count cards in blackjack is Ace-Five, where fives and aces are taken into account in the process of calculation. The count starts from zero, each five in the hand adds one card, and the ace subtracts one card. The higher the number, the more chances the player gets to win. This system is easy to learn for beginners, it does not require changes in the course of the game.


The Hi-Opt system allows you to understand how to count cards in blackjack, taking into account the mathematical expectation and caution of the strategy. The calculations take into account 3, 4, 5, 6, which are favorable, and 10 (unfavorable). The rest of the cards do not count. This strategy is great for beginners.


How to count cards in blackjack online using the Plus-Minus system? In order to make calculations, you do not need to use a calculator, the player just needs to be attentive and react quickly. The essence of the system is as follows: All cards are divided into small, neutral and large categories. Small – from 2 to 6, neutral – from 7 to 9, large – above 10. This is a strategy that is mostly used among beginners.


The “Halves” strategy is an improved version of the simple Plus-Minus system. The technique is quite complicated, therefore it requires good skills from the player. The advantage of this technique is high accuracy. Before counting cards in blackjack using this method, the player must be aware that if he makes a mistake in counting, the result will be ineffective.


The most difficult technique is the Thorp system. The system is named after a famous American maths professor Edward Thorp and in this case the value of all cards reflects the change in mathematical expectation. When counting, jacks, queens, kings are not taken into account. Two has a value of 5, three is 6, four is 8, five is 11, six is 6, seven is 4, eight is 0, nine is minus 3, ten is minus 7, ace is minus 9. This is the most accurate system, but counting “in the mind” will not work.

Counting cards will be possible in live casino blackjack as well, where a dealer is a live person. In this game, the cards are shuffled after several hands.

How to count cards in blackjack correctly – recommendations for players

Using any of the proposed systems, both simple and complex, the player may encounter certain difficulties. To avoid them, you need not only to understand how to count cards, but also to know a few rules: You need to carefully study the game. Any casino offers visitors a demo game mode that the player can use. You get the opportunity to play for free and work out the chosen strategy in practice.

Card counting can be combined with different strategies. Combining the selected system with one of the progressive strategies, which involves lowering or increasing the bet after winning or losing, you can achieve a good result.

The player can develop his own systems, with the help of which he can answer the question of how to correctly count cards in blackjack. Most players use classic strategies, which is quite justified. The risk of accidental error is minimal. But, if the user wants to become a professional card game, he must develop his own unique way.

How to learn how to quickly count cards in blackjack?

Having studied all the card counting systems, it may seem to the player that everything is simple. In practice, he may find that he not only does not earn but also loses his money. Before you learn how to count cards in blackjack, use the selected counting method and deposit money on your account, it is worth doing a check.

  • Record the time by repeating the card counting procedure. The player will not have much time to double-check the calculations, so you need to act quickly, counting the values ​​of all cards, making calculations for the strategy, making the necessary decisions.
  • To understand how to count cards in blackjack correctly, a beginner needs to play in demo mode. If you start playing for real money and use the selected calculation system without understanding it and putting it into practice, you can quickly lose interest without getting a decent win.

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