How Can the Betting Industry Recover After Covid 19?

Around the world, companies and entire industries are worried about their economic recovery post Covid 19. Among those affected is the betting industry.

With no sport, there is very little gambling and although eSports and virtual events have softened the blow, the industry has still been hit hard.

So, what are we expecting to see from the betting industry? And will they be able to recover quicker or slower than other different sectors? This is going to be a fascinating watch to see the different approaches, but don’t be surprised to see the betting industry be one of the most aggressive.


Expect Bookmakers to Push Hard for Customers to Bet

While many industries will be full of companies taking things easy and cutting back on things such as advertising and promotions, the betting industry is expected to do the opposite.

There is a feast of sporting action scheduled to take place around the world this summer and beyond. This comes on the back of a dry spell which has lasted three months. If there is a time for bookmakers to push it is now, with people desperate to watch and bet on sport.

They need to take advantage of the situation we are in right now, a time when people actually want to get out there to watch sport and place wagers on what they think will happen. Some other industries, especially things like retail and hospitality, will also have a queue of people wanting to get back to using them, but others will have very little.

The betting industry has been hit hard, but on the other hand it has been handed the chance to bounce back quicker than many other industries because of the feast of upcoming action.


What Does This Mean for Punters?

What it should mean is that bookmakers will be doing things to stand out and encourage people to bet with them if they are existing customers or sign up with them if they don’t already hold an account.

New customers are especially in for a good time. Many bookies offer betting bonuses to new players and this is certainly going to continue, it could even get better. With football, horse racing, big US sports, golf and much more all coming back, bookmakers will want as many punters using their site as possible.

There has always been a range of good deals out there for those who look around, but don’t be surprised to see even bigger and better ones come around this summer. Punters want a bet, and bookmakers want custom, the two things go hand in hand.


Will we See Any New Advancements?

Bookmakers have always been pushing to create new platforms. We have seen mobile betting apps become a huge hit with punters, allowing them to bet on the go with ease, rather than being tied to betting at home on a computer.

However, we are not likely to see those come around anytime soon. Now is probably not the best time to be looking for things like this, instead bookmakers will want to focus on their service being as good as it can possibly be and offering the biggest range of sporting events they can.

There will be a time for bookmakers to use technology again in the future to make improvements to their service, and that will almost certainly happen.

However, that is more than likely going to be something we see in 2021 rather than 2020 as the industry tries to recover as quickly as it possibly can.

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