How Can Business Leaders Fix the Productivity Problem?

Productivity is the ratio between inputs (capital and labor) and outputs (profit). In the business world today, productivity is one of the most important concepts. It is what entrepreneurs want to achieve in the end having put in work to innovate, manufacture as well as market products and services. Poor productivity in any business franchise is a problem. Factors that impact productivity revolve around individuals and the organization as a whole. Before you learn how to fix these problems, you must understand what they are. Here are common productivity problems cited by most employees:

  • Numerous tools: The growth in technology has brought forth numerous applications that can be used to manage a business. However, having numerous tools also confuses people. When you do not know what tool to use to improve your performance, chances are that you will lower your output.
  • Organizational factors: Productivity is directly linked to institutional factors. When there is no clear line between the management and staff, conflicts are likely to come up which will ultimately impact your output.
  • Individual factors: Sometimes some of the problems that cause lower productivity are rooted in the personnel. It could be a heavy workload, stress from personal matters, or lack of motivation to keep working.

With these factors being among the top causes of poor yield, how then can business leaders fix the productivity problem? If you are an entrepreneur, these are the things that you should utilize to boost your output:

1. Sort out technical issues

Productivity is dependent on technology. Core technology ranges from the machinery, research tools, computerization, and equipment to ICT among other tech tools. As a business leader, you ought to identify the technical issues slowing down your progress and work on them. Sorting technical issues also involve conducting training to employees to keep them up to date with some of the tools that your business uses. While you might not require everything that is being developed, certain tools are a must have. One such tool is WinZip. It works by helping you share information across your teams. This particular tool helps you compress information before sharing and unzipping files when you want to access them. WinZip comes in handy when your teams want to share data among themselves.

2. Delegation of duties

The process of delegation of duties often involves dividing and allocating work to your juniors. This tactic helps reduce workload on individual employees and the stress associated with it, which can be a source of lower productivity. In the process of allocation, you should give duties to employees according to what they are good at. If an employee is an expert in matters relating to planning, do not give them some work on analysis. Delegation of duties in business is led by the “divide and conquer” maxim. Therefore, make use of it to improve your output.

3. Improve efficiency

Sometimes to improve performance, you have to enhance efficiency in your business. This process involves changing the way you run operations particularly the things that do not seem to be working. While at it, you ought to make long and short-term goals to help you prioritize the tasks that can grow your business. The other strategies that you can adopt to enhance efficiency include:

  • Automating those repetitive tasks
  • Reduce distractions in the workplace
  • Have your employees engage in face to face conversations to troubleshoot problems
  • Hold short but productive meetings at the beginning of the day
  • Discourage multitasking

4. Make improvements to the workplace

At times the worksite could be a source of low output. Therefore, you need to make the working space vibrant for employees so that they elevate individual productivity. Among the things that you could do include:

  • Get rid of gloomy lighting and let your offices have natural lighting
  • Invest in ergonomic office ware (desk, chair) so that your employees stay healthy and motivated to work
  • Put in an office kitchen where your staff can go to replenish their energy during health breaks
  • Employ scents to boost people’s mood
  • Have a quiet zone where employees can go and brainstorm without interruptions.


While there are so many factors that may hamper productivity, there are tools and strategies that can improve output significantly. High yield in business comes from identifying the problems that exist and working towards solving each issue independently. It’s important to note that your employees’ wellness can significantly inhibit productivity if negative. In order to be able to address such problems, you can carry employee wellness surveys to ultimately identify where your workforce stands in this aspect. Otherwise, If you have noticed a decline in your output, these tips will help you get back on track.


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