How Actionable SMB Data Reshaped the Financial Sector


Every entrepreneur knows that data and metrics are integral drivers of an organization’s overall success. From growth to profitability, access to prospects and business profiles is paramount to making units work. One of the key challenges that companies in the financial sector face is the lack of accurate SMB data. Without relevant prospects that match one’s business offerings of products and solutions is synonymous with fishing in the dark. Solely relying on luck to bump into a perfect solution provider-client match is a gamble that could make or break a company.

Long before cutting-edge technologies overhauled SMB listings, companies used to rely on static data from a traditional database provider. While there’s an abundance of lists and prospects that could potentially provide value, the massive efforts of teams from scouring, filtering, and analyzing information overshadow the main focus of sales, which should be on closing deals. For one, SMB data is scattered from multiple sources, which is why the hunt and verification stages are crucial. In fact, most companies spend the majority of their time and budget in the research phase – often, to no avail. 

Keep in mind that manual data search does not necessarily equate to value or accuracy. More often than not, these data are obsolete and outdated, or worse, they’ve already been captured by other competitors. Simply put, manual research time from static sources often yields invaluable outputs.

Big Data to Actionable Data

As digitalization further advances, the availability of big data is no longer enough. From counterproductive research to purchasing SMB data with no real guarantees, the void that needs to be filled is glaring.

Tarci is a pioneer in transforming big data into actionable data. Their proprietary continuous intelligence engine narrows down multiple data from multiple sources, eradicating the tedious task of overlong investigation. The financial sector greatly benefited from this solution, transforming not just business processes and individual organizations, but the entire industry as a whole.

Payments and Merchants Services

Automatically processing, transferring, and analyzing data in payments and merchants is critical, and in an extremely competitive market, getting information in advance is paramount. Ultimately, the goal is not just to match with an ideal customer profile (ICP), but also to find those that convert fast. This can be done by leveraging dynamic data and acting upon real-time triggers. From understanding customers to anticipating their needs, Tarci’s solution allows payments and merchant service companies to get an early mover advantage via weekly lists of businesses in need of specific offerings.

Insurance and Benefits

One of the sectors that have normalized manual search from static data is insurance and benefits. For the longest time, the tedious research for prospects has been a standard challenge that companies simply need to navigate their way through. The rise of actionable data has completely revamped its obsolete practices by giving sales teams access to specific profiles that need insurance application, reevaluation, and coverage extension.

Banking and Business Loans

There’s always a business in need of a loan every single day. But the search doesn’t stop at who’s in need; it also continues to who has the highest likelihood of approval. Tarci’s actionable data helps banks and money lenders gain access to detailed and accurate business profiles that paint a picture of specific use cases.

Let sales teams focus on what they do best: close deals. The hybrid approach between humans and technology, with actionable data doing the heavy lifting, is the future of SMB data scouring that maximally reduces research time, boosts productivity, and minimizes unnecessary expenses.


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