Heatwell Portable Heater Reviews: Is HeatWell heater a Scam? [Buyers BEWARE!]

Heatwell Portable Heater Reviews Is HeatWell heater a Scam

Winter is around the corner again. If this bothers you, this could be because you have yet to find the right heater to help you deal with the difficulties of wintertime and maintain perfect well-being. Have you Heard of the HeatWell Portable heater before? I don’t think you did. So you stay calm as we take you through the heatwell heater Review, breaking down every of the key points worth knowing about the Heat Well Portable heater.

The coldness of winter is inevitable. And this contributes to rise in home electricity expenditures because many people use the traditional heaters to heat well. It’s important to have a system in place that can keep you comfy all winter long if you want to be prepared for the cold weather. While we are searching for this heating device, it is very necessary that we consider buying heat well device that consume very little of your electricity; hence reducing your utility bill spent for the month.

This is not an easy task as there are multitudes of heating devices in the market each promising to be the best. However, one right step in the right direction to avoid being a victim of any product scam is to read honest reviews of any portable heater you care to patronize before making your buy decision.

In this HeatWell review, we bring you our honest review on everything we know about the Portable heater. We shall state its key selling points, pros and cons, price, and virtually everything you need to make the right decision.


What is HeatWell Portable heater?

(HeatWell heater Reviews)

HeatWell heater is a distinguished portable heater used to warm personal space to desired temperature level. It is an efficient portable space heater that you can use to warm your room up to 800 Fahrenheit.

HeatWell Portable heater is a fast solution to the cold of the winter. Coming in at 800 watts, the HeatWell heater heats rooms to 250 square feet in less than 10 minutes. It is faster than much central heating system that takes hours to load.

This Heat Well device is a precise one. It lets you pick the desired temperature within 600-800 Fahrenheit. With an inbuilt customizable timer, you can set how long you want it to run. You can pick from one hour to 12 hours. This can also serve as a safety feature to prevent your device from heating a room that no .

Talking about safety, the HeatWell Portable heater meets ETL standards. This is one of the most stringent safety requirements to meet. Consequently, the Heat Well heater has many safety features which include ceramic casing, auto-shutoff, etc.

Despite the efficiency and speed of the Heat Well heater, it is efficient. Instead of heating the whole house, you can use the device to heat rooms in use. In addition, this can be done without stress. This is because the Portable heater will work in any 3-point socket. In addition, it is portable and you will have no issues moving it from the living room to the garage to stay warm.

Again, despite its numerous functions, the HeatWell Portable heater is still easy to use. You do not need to be stuck with a manual for life. More so, you are not at the mercy of technicians to get your home warm. It comes with instinctive and intuitive buttons and is designed such that anyone can use it without stress.

For people who do not want their spaces to get cluttered, the HeatWell space heater is the perfect wall outlet heater. With its potent 800 watts, the Heat Well Portable heater heats any space to 250 square feet in just 10 minutes, unlike other central heating systems that take longer.

The HeatWell Portable heater is wireless. It comes with a 2700 rotating outlet that allows you to use surrounding sockets while you use the HeatWell Portable heater.

Some Technical Facts about HeatWell Portable heater (Heatwell heater Review Canada and United States)

Canada and United States

(HeatWell heater Reviews)

  • 800-watt power consumption
  • 120 volts (60Hz)
  • Weighs 1.25 lbs
  • Advanced ceramic technology
  • Adjustable digital LED technology
  • 2700 rotating outlet plug
  • Automatic Turn-off and timer
  • Wireless
  • ETL safety tested


Main Features of HeatWell Portable heater (HeatWell Portable heater Reviews)

Efficient and Powerful

Having an efficient and powerful device is one of a kind. With its 800W power consumption, the HeatWell heater gives you good heating service at low power costs. This way, you can have your home adequately heated and not get the shock of your life when the next bill comes rolling in.

Safe – ETL Listed

ETL is one of the most stringent safety conditions to meet. HeatWell Portable heater has kept it and has a lot of features that keep both you and your loved ones safe. First, it is wireless to avoid tripping and knocking over by pets and children. In addition, it uses advanced ceramic technology that reduces burn due to contact.

It also comes with a timer and an auto-shut-off feature that puts out the device in case you forget to do that yourself. So if you have children or pets around and safety is a concern to you, worry no more.

Easy to operate

Previously, the ease of operating a device depended on its functionalities. It is obvious that is not the case any longer. Despite the functionalities of the Heat Well heater, it still comes in easy to use. In a few simple steps, you can for yourself and those around you the warmth of a regular day.

Quiet Operation

No matter how effective a device is, its people are going to hate it once it makes too much noise. As a light sleeper that wants a warm room to sleep in, you do not want to go for a device with an inefficient fan system that is loud and noisy.

HeatWell Portable heater has been able to improve on its efficiency and tune the noise down to the barest minimum. It can now proudly add quiet operation to its selling features. And in reality, you would hardly notice the difference between when you start to use the HeatWell Portable heater and when it is off.

Can be used in any 3-point wall socket

The value of being portable could be lost if the conditions under which product functions are stringent. This is not the case with the HeatWell Portable heater. It works with any 3-point socket and at all. If you live in a modern house, it means you can use a HeatWell Portable heater anywhere in your house.

Save some of the costs of heating rooms that are not in use. Heat up where you are and take your HeatWell Portable heater with you when you leave.

Quick Heat up time

In literally three seconds, the Heat Well Portable heater’s heating system is ready. Its powerful heating system does not take time to reach top gear.

After reaching top gear, the powerful fans distribute this moist and warm air around your room. In rooms up to 250 square feet, it could get warm in as little as 10 minutes.

How HeatWell heater Works

(HeatWell Portable heater Reviews)

HeatWell Portable heater focuses the heat in a single room or enclosed space by blowing hot air through a fan.

After the heating component is heated up, the fans blow air across it. This forces hot air out of the device.

The hot air rises and forces cold air downwards and the process repeats itself over and over until the room reaches the required temperature.

Though the heating components can come alive in seconds, the time it will take for the whole room to get warm will depend on several factors including initial temperature, the temperature of the surrounding, the size of the room, etc.

How to Use HeatWell heater Canada (HeatWell Portable heater Reviews)

Step one: plug into a 3-point socket

Step two: Set the power switch to the on position

Step three: use the buttons on the top to set the thermostat to the required temperature. This will range anywhere from 600F to 800F.

This is how easy it is to use a HeatWell Portable heater. Remember, you can use the timer and set how long you want the device to run. You can select anywhere from one to twelve hours.

What Problem does HeatWell heater Seek to Solve?

HeatWell heater Seek to Solve

(HeatWell Portable heater Review)

HeatWell intends to cut down on the cost of heating your space during the winter. This device uses a different approach to heating rooms in use instead of trying to heat the whole room.

Again, HeatWell Portable heater seeks to provide an option for people who cannot afford large heating systems in their houses.

Finally, the HeatWell Portable heater targets the convenience of users and comes in very portable.

HeatWell Portable heater serves as an efficient yet effective solution to the problem of the winter cold.


Benefits of Using HeatWell Portable heater (HeatWell Portable heater Reviews)

Reduced warming time

With a HeatWell Portable heater, you can get your space from cold to comfortable in considerable time. This product does not promise to outclass massive heaters. However, it is about the fastest portable heater you can find with an amazing 800W heating power.

This means you do not have to wait forever, to get cringing cold out.

Convenient operating

The HeatWell Portable heater is easy to operate. It is also easy to purchase and requires no installations. This does not only cut down costs but also cut down stress for customers especially those with limited exposure to technology.

Assured safety

Meeting ETL safety standard is no small feat. HeatWell heater has put together many features to ensure the safety of users and their environment while they use this product.

The wireless nature, auto-off feature, and advanced ceramic technology all work hard to ensure the probability of home hazards while using this device is kept at the barest minimum. Again, this means you can confidently use this product irrespective of the presence of pests or children.

Adjustable Thermostat and Timer

This feature helps to keep you in control. With this feature, you can select a temperature target that is ideal for you. With a HeatWell Portable heater, you can also set how long you want the device to run. Whether this is based on personal preference, due to schedule, or in a bid to cut down on power bills, you are definitely in charge.


There are many great products in the market. The problem of customers is not getting great products. The problem is getting one that they can afford and use.

This is where the HeatWell Portable heater comes in. In contrast, to alternative products and even more expensive heating systems, the HeatWell Portable heater is an absolute favorite for so many customers.


Since the goal is to heat rooms that are currently in use, the device has to be compact and lightweight to aid portability. That is the exact case with the HeatWell heater. It comes in as a very portable product that can be used in any indoor environment that has as much power supply and a wall socket.

Suitable for light sleepers

HeatWell heaters do not generate loud noise during usage. Light sleepers can use it.

This means having a HeatWell Portable heater run in your space will not prevent you from any activity you wish to engage in.

Is HeatWell heater Worth Buying? (Heat Well Portable heater Review)

HeatWell Portable heater provides more value than it costs. If you live in places where the winter cold does not get to, you may not find this product appealing. However, if you are seeking to get an affordable way around the winter season, a Heat Well heater is worth the try. 

Who Should Use HeatWell Portable heater

(HeatWell heater Review)

Having a product like this is one of the most important preparation you can make for winter. To be honest, that will be for everyone that is

  • Yet to secure a product to keep them from the cold
  • Yet to find an effective product
  • Still looking for a more efficient option to cut down on cost
  • Still looking for a more convenient option

Also, if this is not you can, a HeatWell heater can be a great gift for someone else.


Pros and Cons of HeatWell Portable heater Canada

(HeatWell heater Review)

Pros of HeatWell heater

  • Easy to operate
  • Not noisy
  • Affordable
  • Portable
  • Fast in action
  • Economic
  • Safe

Cons of HeatWell Portable heater

  • Only available online
  • Can only be purchased from the official website

Are there danger of Using HeatWell heater (HeatWell Portable heater Reviews United States)

Despite undergoing repeated tests, there has been no danger associated with using this product. HeatWell Portable heater has an ELT certification and is henceforth very safe.

How to Buy HeatWell Portable heater (HeatWell Portable heater Reviews)

  • Click on the link below to get to the official website. Afterward, select the package that you are interested in and capable of paying for.
  • Fill in your shipping details and proceed to make payments.
  • The payment gateway is saved so you do not have to bother about paying online.

Note that only purchases done through the official website comes with a guarantee.

When Is the Best Time to Buy HeatWell heater? (HeatWell Portable heater Reviews Canada)

Since its introduction in the market, the HeatWell Portable heater continues to create a sensation in the market. Consequently, we can only describe the manufacturer’s attempt to keep up with demand as a trial.

If you are yet to secure this device, the best time to get this device is now. Though the company will love to serve as many people as possible and keep the product in the market, nothing is as sure as having your device doing its job in your house.

Price of HeatWell Portable heater in Canada and the United States

Heatwell sells for significantly lower price during the launch promo time. To know today’s price, visit the company official webstore

Where to Buy HeatWell Portable Heater

Heatwell heater is sold directly to end users (Consumers, retailers) and the wholesalers (Resellers) directly by the company on their official website. No matter the quantity you want, you can buy directly from the company store. They offer safe and secure payment methods and other benefits. You can also reach out to their support team if you want more quantities for resell.


Warrantee Policy of HeatWell heater for Customers in Canada and United States

The company offers buyers a money-back guarantee in their return/refund policy under which you can return products and get a refund.

According to the company’s policy, they said:

If you are not completely thrilled with your HeatWell Portable heater — we are offering you buyers protection and guarantee on all purchases. Simply send the item(s) back to us for a full refund or replacement.

Frequent Asked Questions about HeatWell heater

(Heat Well Portable heater Reviews)

Can I plug the HeatWell Portable heater into a timer, power strip, or extension?

Only in-wall outlets are intended for use with the HeatWell Portable heater. Connect directly to a ground three-prong wall outlet to lower the risk of fire or electric shock. Use ONLY with a plug-in power source. Before using Hetwell, please read the crucial safety instructions.

Also, we do not advise using a power source other than a wall outlet for your heaters. Never use a power strip or extension cord with a movable power tap (outlet). Heaters must always be plugged directly into a power socket or receptacle.

How can I clean my device?

Make sure the HeatWell space heater is off and unplugged from the outlet before cleaning it. Then use a soft, wet towel to wipe the exterior. If necessary, use a light soap. Use a gentle cloth to dry. Before using it again, make sure it is totally dry.

Is this device safe around children and kids?

Yes, the HeatWell Portable heater is made for use around children and pets, but as with any device, it should be used under supervision with care. The heat well housing keeps the Portable heater cozy to the touch but it does produce heat and is an electrical appliance. It should be treated as such and can not be left in use unattended.

In summary, the HeatWell Portable heater is safe to use but just like any other item, it should be handled carefully and with supervision. Although the HeatWell Portable heater is an electrical appliance and does emit heat, the stay-cool enclosure keeps it cool to the touch. It must be handled accordingly and never left alone while in use.

How far can the HeatWell Portable heater cover?

HeatWell heater Canada heats up to 250 square feet. This is about the size of regular rooms.

Can a HeatWell Portable heater be used outdoors?

No. HeatWell heater is designed for indoor use only.

HeatWell Portable Heater Amazon, eBay, Walmart

Can I buy Heatwell heater on Amazon?

No, Heatwell portable heater is not sold on Amazon, eBay or Walmart. You can only buy the heatwell device from the official company website and you get over 50% bonus and a 100% money-back guarantee.

Heatwell heater Customer Reviews (Consumer Reports)

What Customers Have to Say about HeatWell Portable heater:

“I was paying a fortune to run the central heating in my house! But with HeatWell Portable heater, I just heat the spaces I use, which allows me to heat my space much more quickly while also significantly reducing my heating expenses.” – Jess L, Canada (CA)

“We are grateful for buying HeatWell heater a week ago! I was freezing to death in my tiny flat because the heating hardly ever worked! Now that I have a HeatWell Portable heater, I can just plug it into my wall anytime it becomes chilly. Amazingly, a room can heat up so quickly!” – Martin K. – Los Angeles, CA

“The HeatWell heater is such a relief to have! My home’s entryway floor has the closest heater, and the heat usually takes too long to reach my bedroom. With a HeatWell Portable heater, I can get soothing warmth faster as it is close to me.” – Thiery L, United States.

“Man, I love this small heater! While central heating is wonderful, it may be rather pricey and is not nearly as adaptable as the HeatWell Portable heater. To avoid becoming too cold while working on wood projects, I bring my HeatWell into the garage. The HeatWell Portable heater is excellent for spaces without warmth, such as our attic.” – Rupert K. of Sacramento, California.

“I turn on the central heating so that the rest of the house is comfortable, but I bring the HeatWell Portable heater into any space where I am spending time. It enables me to stay comfortably warm without skyrocketing our heating costs! Whether I am at home, perusing the web, or watching TV in the room, the HeatWell space heater stays with me.” – Daniel F. Tacoma, Washington

Our Final Verdict on HeatWell Portable heater Review

(HeatWell heater Reviews Canada)         

In preparations for winter, you should go for a product that will provide you with the best mix of efficiency and effectiveness. More importantly, go for something that you can afford.

Running into debt for a non-converting property is not a great idea. HeatWell Portable heater is one of the best portable heaters in the market. Though it may not compete favorably with very expensive heating systems, it tops the class of portable heaters.

HeatWell Portable heater provides fast heating for room-sized spaces. It comes with a lot of commendable features and is safe to use as it is ETL certified. Despite these features, the HeatWell heater comes in affordable and is currently sold at a discounted price.

What are you waiting for? Hurry now while stock lasts and apply special discounts available only for today on the HeatWell Portable heater official website.

Disclaimer: This article contains sponsored marketing content. It is intended for promotional purposes and should not be considered as an endorsement or recommendation by our website. Readers are encouraged to conduct their own research and exercise their own judgment before making any decisions based on the information provided in this article.


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