Grow Tents: Everything You Need To Know About


Indoor grow tents have become a must-have for at-home cannabis growers for a reason. Grow tents turn a shabby, do-it-yourself home grow into a sleek, professional, and profitable operation. The entire cultivation chamber is kept tidy, zipped up, and hidden by a grow tent. It regulates the atmosphere, temperature, and humidity and is well-suited to the complexities of cannabis growth.

However, what size do you require for your weed-growing objectives? The difference between a 5×9 Gorilla Grow Tent and a 2×4 Gorilla Tent is significant. Not only does the size of your greenhouse affect the number of plants you can grow, but it also affects the equipment you’ll require, as well as the amperage and layout. So, here are all the points, from the benefits to LED grow light recommendations to the particular number of plants.

What Are Grow Tents?

The name is quite self-explanatory on its own. Grow tents are tents that are specifically built to house cannabis plants. Smaller cannabis plants, yielding one to five ounces of marijuana, are ideal for grow tents. Any plants greater than that will necessitate completely other types of construction. A gorilla grow tent, on the other hand, will suffice for the cannabis enthusiast.

Grow tents often include airtight, waterproof reflective walls and a tray along the bottom to capture any spilled or excess water. When looking for a grow tent, keep the majority of these traits in mind. It’s a good idea to invest in a good grow tent because it will help your plants grow and create more vibrant blossoms.

Grow tent

The Benefits Of Using A Grow Tent

A grow tent comes with a lot of benefits such as: 

1. Boosts Photosynthesis

A grow tent’s reflective Mylar inside “walls” ensures that your plants receive ample intense light from all angles without light leaks. This eliminates fading lower leaves, weak and failing stems, and branches that do not get sunlight. Because the tents are “light proof” or “light-tight,” you can limit the amount of light and exposure your plants get.

2. Keep Pests And Insects Away

You can also keep insects and pests at bay. While there are many insects that aid in pollination outside, the detrimental insects outnumber the beneficial ones. They’re held at bay by a grow tent.

3. Grow Privately

If you’re cultivating something sensitive, you can grow it away from inquisitive eyes. For example, if you’re growing marijuana, you’ll need to keep it intact in the grow tent because its aroma gives it away. Even it will attract the animals towards it. That’s not what you’re looking for.

4. Induce Fruiting and Flowering

You can induce fruiting and flowering when it’s most convenient for you. Why await the same amount of time as those who are raising their crops in the open air? Figure out how to lengthen the light or darkness to encourage blooming.

5. Last Long

Since a grow tent would last for a long time, it is usually a one-time purchase for you. If you acquire a good one, it will last a long time. As a result, you can continue to expand and get more value for your money.

Grow tent - Longevity

Factors to Consider when Buying Grow Tents

It would be wise if you consider certain factors while choosing one to get the best outcome.

1. What Size of the Grow Tent Do You Need?

Consider your available area, the sort and variety of plants you would like to cultivate, and the amount of space you’ll need to move around inside. If you only need a few shelves of tiny plants, a short setup might suffice. It lets you go inside to care for them without really entering.

You’ll need to be able to operate among your plants if you’re cultivating a tiny vegetable garden. You’ll need a secure enclosure that you can enter and walk about in, or at the very least have access to from any side.

2. What Can You Grow and How Tall Can the Plants Be?

The best grow tents may be customized to create the ideal atmosphere for any crop. Your only restriction is that if you want to grow more than one variety of plants, you must group them in a collection with similar light, temperature, and humidity requirements. In their grow rooms, many growers exclusively grow one crop: medical marijuana.

You must pick a grow tent that’s tall enough to support your plants’ maximum height, plus a foot or more. You’ll need a lot of headroom for your plants, and the lighting system should reflect well off all surfaces. Look for a unit with adjustable poles, an extension tent kit, or a grow box that allows you to set the height properly for every plant you choose to grow for the most variety and flexibility.

3. Why Gorilla Grow Tents Dominate the Indoor Grow Room

Gorilla Grow Tents has quickly become the most popular grow tent company in the world, boasting “the thickest, strongest as well as tallest grow tents ever built.” These tents have become the industry standard.

Grow Tent - Indoor

Reasons Behind Popularity of Grow Tents

Here are a few reasons why grow tents are better than indoor grow rooms.

1. Weight Capacity

From grow lights to ducting to ventilation, the larger the tent, the more equipment it must accommodate. Gorilla Grow tents can easily support up to 300 pounds.

2. Ultra-Thick Fabric

The thicker the fabric, the better the environmental control and the lower the chance of light leakage. The canvas used in the Gorilla Grow Tent is a super-thick woven material with a thread density of 1680D.

3. Plastic-Free

Every Gorilla Grow Tent comes with a sturdy metal frame, ultra-thick canvas, and no plastic parts. Even the frame is held together by steel interlocking pins, ensuring that each component is long-lasting and sturdy.

4. Vents, Windows, and Doors

There are easy-to-see windows, micro-mesh air vents, and at least one large and accessible entryway in every tent.

At the End

It’s crucial to note that your grow tent is merely the outside shell. You’ll also need some additional pieces of equipment, which you’ll need to organize in a way that will help you produce a consistent and ideal plant-growing environment.

Disclaimer: This article contains sponsored marketing content. It is intended for promotional purposes and should not be considered as an endorsement or recommendation by our website. Readers are encouraged to conduct their own research and exercise their own judgment before making any decisions based on the information provided in this article.


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